Customised Jewellery

The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion


Have you ever thought of asking a jeweller to create a unique and special piece of jewellery for you?

People do, especially when they are tired of seeing the same designs and the same settings in so many different online jewellers’ stores.

You may be thinking about asking a jeweller to make an original cocktail ring or a lovely brooch.

When you work with me, David Law, you can be confident that the jewellery I make will be exactly what you have asked for. You will also know that the price you pay will be what we have agreed at the beginning of the project.

Why Do People Buy Customised Jewellery?


Customised jewellery is as varied as people’s ideas about what beautiful jewellery should look like. People ask me to make customised jewellery for all sorts of reasons.

Sometimes a client has inherited a diamond and would like it made into a ring or a pendant. Sometimes someone has an old piece of jewellery that belonged to a grandparent or great-grandparent and he or she would like it remodelled. Sometimes a client would like earrings made to match a pendant or an eternity ring made in a style to complement a wedding ring.

Clients who want customised jewellery come to me because they have not found what they want elsewhere. They want something different and they want something special. I can create that piece of jewellery.

Even if you do not yet know what you want the ring or the pendant or the earrings to look like. We will work together to make sure that the jewellery I create is right for you.

I will create a series of designs, based on your ideas and our discussions, for you to view in 3D and choose from before you make your final choice. You will also see a 3D printed version of the jewellery that I am making so that you see and check how it will look when finished.

It's all part of the personal design journey that I offer.


What Sort Of Customised Jewellery Do You Make?


Every piece of customised jewellery I make is created in my workshop in Hatton Garden.

You can visit my studio to see how your project is progressing. In fact, I want you to see the jewellery as it is being made so that you can be confident – really confident – that it is exactly what you want.

When I make a piece of customised jewellery I might be making a special and original engagement ring. I might be making a pair of matching pendants for a client’s wife and daughter. I might be asked to make a brooch for a special anniversary or cuff links for the best man at a client’s wedding.

You might be thinking of giving your partner an eternity ring to remind her that your relationship is still special, or a pair of earrings to match her engagement ring.Whatever the occasion you wish to celebrate, or if you simply want to show your love for that special person in your life, a piece of customised jewellery will help you to let her know how you feel.

Next Steps


Customised Jewellery is unusual and different. If you considering having a piece of customised jewellery made, then we should speak.

Let’s talk, during office hours, in the evenings or at the weekend. Then let’s plan how we are going to work together.

Talk to me, David Law, about creating a unique and special customised jewellery.

Call me on: 020 3402 5111

or e-mail me at:

Call today and let’s discuss options and possibilities..

Be inspired.
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