Bespoke Jewellery made in England

Let’s talk about Bespoke Jewellery and flying the flag for “Made in Britain”

Having been involved in designing and making jewellery for over 35 years there was a period where in the mid 80’s traditional UK jewellery manufacturing was dying because of cheap labour in China and the Far East, and I must be honest I never though would return.

The so-called premium you would pay for a ‘Made In Britain’ piece of Jewellery was not something retail jewellers in the UK were prepared to absorb. As a manufacturer we were forced to look for alternative avenues, this was when I decided to turn my design skills and experience to private individuals.

Some of the biggest brands around still have their Jewellery made in the Far East and online retailers and jewellers in general continue to compete purely on price. But things are changing as we finally start to see a shift in our market. 

We are now seeing some retailers no longer wishing to hold large stocks alongside changing manufacturing techniques.

Jewellery Manufacturing has returned to these shores and “Made in Britain” is now all the rage.

But for me you have to go further than just saying all of my jewellery is made here in London. You have to take customer care and personal service to another level while at the same time killing the myth that bespoke jewellery is out of the average persons reach.

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I can personally see this new found interest in men’s jewellery being a lasting trend and as the demand grows more men seek to challenge the industry in finding new and unique designs that can only satisfy this fast emerging sophisticated customer for 2016.

Indeed, the opportunity in men’s jewellery has not gone unnoticed by the industry’s biggest brands, the desire for even more personal, one off designs that cannot be found on the high street continues to grow as we gradually seeing this shift increase more so due to the rise of the Metrosexual man that finds wearing jewellery far more accepting than 10 years ago.

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When thinking jewellery, many thoughts run through your mind. Will you choose the right precious metal, setting and even quality of gemstone but ultimately will it be the right piece for your partner and did you make the right choice in the design. 

Many of the questions and thoughts above can be removed in an instant when you turn your attention to Wax jewellery. The reason for this is simple, Wax jewellery means less stress for you, your ideas are unfolded alongside your personal jeweler and one truly beautiful gift is finally created for the one you love.

Wax Jewellery is the modern choice

As a jewellery designer I spend a lot of my time creating unique and beautiful jewellery designs from my clients’. You talk; I listen. I then turn your ideas into a lovely design for an engagement ring,pendant, brooch or almost any other piece of jewellery you can imagine. Theonly limits are your imagination.  

Before we move to the creation of your piece using the designs, precious metals and the gemstones of your choice, I mould a wax version of your jewellery. This helps you to be sure the design you have imagined can be turned into the piece you and your partner will love for an eternity. This modern approach allows you to actually see, touch and experience our work before you take the next step into making the jewellery become a reality.

Understanding wax jewellery and its concept is easy but there will always be unanswered questions, for example:-

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Hollywood Calling?

Much has been written about the robbery that took place over the Easter weekend at the Hatton Garden safe deposit. It seems on the face of it a truly unbelievable story and I am sure at some point in the future Hollywood will be calling, but for now with the press and TV crews camped out side its a question of wait and see how this all plays out.

I am not going to go into potential losses that have been brandished about because the truth is no one knows and we probably never will but I would not mind guessing that the thieves new exactly what they were looking for ant that is why so many boxes remained untouched.Unfortunately there will be casualties from this raid with some covered financially for their losses but not the sentimental value, and then there will be others who have no insurance cover at all and l like many others struggle to have any sympathy for them because that is just plain daft.

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Admiring the beauty we have for the world around us, David Law shares his sophisticated insight into luxury and ancient art. What is apparent today is that the demand for the unusual and unique has increased. Thanks mostly to the internet; all of us are looking across the globe and through centuries with ease. This trend is having a massive impact on jewellery design and is already making this year exciting.

This 2015 drive in designer fashion jewellery is also described as being incredibly sensual centreing on glamour, wisdom both past and present.

Bronze is most definitely a metal of choice; it creates a stunning backdrop to powerful colours like red and soft pink. When showcased with unusual marbles, gemstones and even precious woods – Bronze can really pop.

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Jewellery lovers are looking for more creativity, design directions, themes and inspirations. Taking what I learnt from 2014, this year the boundaries are wider and stronger.

One big trend for 2015 is the concept of modernity, reaching limits of design like never before and creating some of the hottest pieces around. Looking at raw materials, gemstones, our friends in the animal kingdom and outer space to fuel even more inspiration.

For centuries scientists, artists and designers like me have looked to our planet for ideas. So let me show you how together we can bring ideas to life.

Today we are going to explore the outer limits. Mixing our modern world with science and design – the metaphysical and wizardry drawing on the inspiration of dynamic-contrasts through unconventional combinations of materials.

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