How to keep Your Jewellery in pristine condition



Aftercare service

The aftercare service that I offer is as important to me as the initial design and creation of your bespoke jewellery.

This is why I offer you the ability to come back to me at regular intervals to have your jewellery checked and cleaned without any additional charges and if in the unlikely event that the unexpected occurs you can rest assured that I will be there for you

Cleaning your Jewellery

Cleaning your bespoke jewellery is really quiet straight forward: using a soft-bristled toothbrush and some washing up liquid gently clean your jewellery in warm water. Brush around the back of the stones and the setting, simply rinse in clean water and dry with a piece of kitchen roll.

How to keep your jewellery is pristine condition

I would strongly recommend that you remove your jewellery beforehand if you are doing any of the following; rock-climbing, swimming, mountain biking, lifting weights in the gym and even gardening because the more careful you are with your jewellery, the longer it will stay looking like new, however of course you may prefer particularly with wedding rings to let your jewellery develop its own character and patina, which can add to the charm.



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