Beyond The Diamond 4Cs 


Londons Diamond Expert 


The brilliance of a Diamond is legendary 

From the sparkling beauty of the brilliant cut to the elegance of the emerald cut, diamonds come in all shapes and sizes and there is sure to be one to suit your taste, style and budget.


A Diamond Expert


I have been buying and selling diamonds for over 35 years so you can rest assured with the advice that I give 

The 4Cs is the jewellery industry standard for assessing diamonds, Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight are the key factors that determine the quality of a diamond. When I am selecting diamonds I carefully consider all of these factors and plenty more besides to ensure the WOW factor when you glimpse the diamonds that I have personally chosen for you to see for the first time

For your added piece of mind all of my diamonds are presented with GIA certificates and will fit within budget


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