Your Personal Collection created for you by specialist London Jeweller David Law


Discover a whole new approach to creating bespoke jewellery 

I believe passionately that to design the perfect bespoke engagement ring, bespoke wedding rings and jewellery, I have to offer you a choice and not just create one design based on your ideas alone

As a designer I am here to listen and then to inspire you with design options, and with this I will create 'Your Personal Collection' of designs that you will be able to see, feel and even wear for real. Your individually handcrafted piece will be created in my Hatton Garden workshop

I will show you personally and ethically sourced GIA certificated diamonds and gemstones so you can decide on that perfect stone.

With everything fitting comfortably within your budget

Finally your design journey will be captured for you to keep in your own personalised Story Book

"I passionately believe that my design proposition is the very best around and that you will not be disappointed"


Get in Touch with David to talk your bespoke options through, see my full portfolio of work, discover more about my unrivalled personal bespoke journey or to ask a question call David on 0800 024 8940


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