Choosing Your Precious Metal

Whether your priority is colour, durability, or a request to match your skin tone or clothing, David will advise you on the perfect precious metal that’s right for you.
natural platinum


Platinum is a rare precious metal that’s durable and heavy in weight. It won’t wear away with constant use and holds gemstones in place for the lifetime of the Jewellery. With a natural white lustre, platinum brings the best out of diamonds. It’s equally elegant when used to create a piece of Jewellery by itself. Pure platinum contains at least 950 parts of platinum per thousand.


Yellow gold 24ct gold is pure gold, but pure gold is too soft to be used for Jewellery, so other metals are nearly always added to strengthen it. 18ct gold is an alloy that contains 18 parts gold and six parts of other metals (usually copper), making it 75% gold. White gold is created by mixing other metals with gold to create a white or grey colour.
It’s then coated with rhodium to keep its freshness. One option is to add nickel, but this can cause dermatitis in people who are sensitive to nickel. The other option is to add palladium, which is more expensive but less likely to cause an allergic reaction. The addition of copper creates gold-coloured alloys. Rose and pink gold are created by adding extra copper – the more copper, the more profound the effect.
rock of gold
rock of palladium


Facts about Palladium: Palladium is a silvery-white colour and weighs less than platinum. It is a rare and lustrous precious metal, one of the platinum group metals typically found together in ore deposits. Palladium is naturally white from the earth and will never change colour. The wealthiest known palladium deposit in the world is located in Southern Montana in the US.


Pure silver is too soft to create durable Jewellery, so approximately 7.5% of it is made from other metals to improve performance. The most common mineral added is copper; this makes the silver more rigid and gives it a tendency to tarnish.
If you wear sterling silver jewellery continually, it often develops a lovely patina – a kind of glow combined with darkened areas. Many people like this look. If, however, you prefer your sterling silver to be bright and shiny, you can restore its original appearance by polishing it with a cloth. Sterling silver is beautiful and affordable, putting sterling silver Jewellery within the range of almost any budget.
rock of silver

The Consultation Process

On your initial discovery call, David aims to understand your requirements, advise you, answer any questions and suggest options.
The following step will be to arrange a face-to-face Zoom call, meeting him at his Hatton Garden, Central London Studio, or in the comfort of your home to finalise the details.
Our service is all about what works best for you.

Three Ways to Design Your Diamond Jewellery

cad designing

Virtual Design

Virtual design consultations with David (via Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp) can easily be arranged. This bespoke one-to-one service will enable you to share ideas and see your dreams come alive in stunning 3D.
David Law Jewellery home visits

Home Design

Home design consultations can be arranged. He will bring along his laptop with his past designs and a selection of wax models to inspire you. You can then discuss ideas and design your Jewellery in incredible 3D without leaving your home.
cad designing sketch

Wimpole Street Design Consultation

Wimpole Street in the heart of London is the perfect place to meet and design your bespoke Jewellery. Meet with David to discuss your design ideas in his offices or the beautiful outdoor gardens.

The Bespoke Experience

If you’d like a unique gemstone and diamond piece of Jewellery that’s entirely personal to you, then David’s bespoke service is the perfect way to bring your vision to life. From the initial complimentary design consultation to the handcrafting in his Hatton Garden workshop, David will help you create a uniquely beautiful bespoke piece that’s right in every way.
Designed and made according to the agreed budget, most deliveries take 3 and 4 weeks. In addition, you will receive a choice of six unique jewellery designs.
See and wear your designs from the 3D printer and choose from David’s selection of beautiful diamonds and gemstones. Work one-to-one with jewellery designer David Law to create a truly unique masterpiece.
gold diamond set jewellery
David inspecting a diamond

Book A Design Consultation

David is on-hand to answer your questions or discuss commissioning a bespoke piece.
Arrange a Zoom virtual consultation or home visit. However you meet, you’ll receive a one to one personal service as we explore creating your very own bespoke jewellery piece. David aims to respond to appointment booking emails within 1 hour.
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