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Luxury Bespoke Jewellery By David Law

Bespoke jewellery should be stunningly beautiful and personally designed to be everything you imagined it to be.

Whether you are looking to design a unique engagement ring, wedding rings, eternity ring, dress ring, pendant, earrings, cufflinks, wedding jewellery or remodel an existing piece, London jeweller David Law will be delighted to help you.

David offers a very personal design experience bringing together his traditional manufacturing roots with modern 3D technology which not only has made bespoke jewellery affordable, but it allows you to be part of the creation of your jewellery piece from start to finish. 

Every commission David takes on is as exciting and important to him as the next.

Creating bespoke jewellery will usually cost no more than similar ready-made jewellery on the high street, and the end result will be a piece ring that is unique to you.

Book a no-obligation consultation today, and find out how David can create unique jewellery which meets your budget and design ideas.

Find Your Jewellery Inspiration

Whether you are overflowing with jewellery design ideas? Or are looking for inspiration? David is an expert in helping his clients achieve the exact bespoke jewellery design that they are looking to make.

Choosing bespoke jewellery allows you to be creative with your design, and whatever your preferences are David will help you create something beautiful, timeless, and unique.

Bespoke Ring
Bespoke Earrings

Book A No-obligation Consultation

found Bespoke Does Not Mean More Expensive. In fact, bespoke will not usually cost more than  similar ready-made jewellery on the high street, and the end result will be of higher quality and unique to you and your partner.


Will I Pay A Premium For Bespoke Jewellery?

The simple answer is no it won’t cost you any more than buying equivalent quality ready-made jewellery on the high street.

By choosing a bespoke jewellery piece, you will you be in complete control of your jewellery design and the final price that you will pay.

Whatever your budget is, David will fully respect it while never compromising on the quality of his jewellery and the personal advice and service he provides

Working With Hatton Garden Jeweller David Law

Your consultation will be with David Law one of Hatton Garden’s most experienced goldsmiths and designers; he will personally translate ideas discussed into a choice of stunning 3D CAD ( computer-aided design) for you to see and perfect together, before printing 3D wax models for you to wear.

Gorgeous Gemstones And Diamonds

David has a passion for coloured gemstones and travels the world looking for the most beautiful stones to present to his clients together with GIA certificated white diamonds and natural coloured diamonds. Each stone he presents is individually selected to compliment the bespoke design he creates.

Working With Your Stones And Heirloom

Whether you have purchased a stone on your travels or have inherited a family heirloom David is happy to work with you to remodel them into a bespoke piece.

Handcrafted In London’s Hatton Garden

David will then oversees production from start to finish of your bespoke jewellery design as he creates it and handcrafts it in his Hatton Garden workshop using traditional techniques and excellent craftsmanship. 

Jewellery Design & Diamond Expert Hard at Work | David Law

Book A No-obligation Consultation

found Bespoke Does Not Mean More Expensive. In fact, bespoke will not usually cost more than  similar ready-made jewellery on the high street, and the end result will be of higher quality and unique to you and your partner.

Tanzanite Bespoke Dress Ring

Bespoke Dress Rings

A unique individually created dress ring or cocktail ring can be designed to match your style and ideas and can be with a choice of precious metals and set with a stunning gemstone and diamonds making it the perfect statement piece that will complement any outfit. 

It also makes the perfect gift, especially when your loved one knows the ring is a bespoke design, created especially for them.

Bespoke Pendants & Necklaces

If you’re celebrating a wedding, anniversary or birthday, a custom-made pendant or necklace is the ideal way to commemorate the event. 

A diamond pendant makes a beautiful gift for your loved one, and by going bespoke, you could have matching earrings designed at the same time or later.

Beszel Set Amethyst Bespoke Pendant
Morganite & Dianmond Drop Pendant - Custom Made Necklace
Bespoke Sapphire Earings
Bespoke Diamond Earrings

Bespoke Earrings

Bespoke earring designs give you the ultimate in personal choice, from simple diamond studs to intricate designs to show off contemporary coloured gemstones you can even make matching pendants.

Whether you are looking to treat yourself or design bespoke earrings as a gorgeous gift choosing the bespoke option offers you so many choices.

From simple diamond studs to more intricate designs, they can be made to match an existing piece of jewellery, or as a stand-alone item.

You have a full choice of precious metals, including platinum, gold in yellow, white or rose options, palladium and sterling silver. You can also choose GIA-certified diamonds, coloured gemstones or a combination. You can even bring your own stones and David will design earrings that will set them off to perfection.

18ct yellow gold pearl and diamond jewellery -bespoke jewellery gifts | David Law Jewellery

Bespoke Jewellery Gifts

Want to give a special jewellery gift as unique as they are but are a little worried your loved one might not like your choice in design, the London Jeweller David Law’s wax bespoke jewellery gift proposition will be right for you.

David can design bespoke jewellery for any occasion – birthday, anniversary or any other special event. But, when your loved one has discerning taste and individual style, there’s a risk that you buy them something that ends up unworn and languishing in their jewellery drawer.


We wanted to write to you to thank you for all of your amazing help in getting our ring designed and made under tight conditions for our trip to New York last weekend. As you can see from the photos attached it looks amazing and we are so thrilled with it. I hope that you are well and we will be in touch for wedding rings.

A massive thank you David from us both making my abstract thoughts into reality, you are brave man for accepting and delivering the challenge the results are perfect. You should be proud I am not easily pleased.

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  • Bespoke Does Not Mean Expensive

    Find out how bespoke jewellery is not usually any more expensive than ready-made jewellery on the high street.

  • Higher Quality, Unique Style

    David will explain how the end result is a piece or jewellery that is of superior quality, and a design that is completely unique to you.

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