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Lab-grown diamonds

Natural diamonds versus lab-grown diamonds

There are many Companies around the world successfully producing lab-grown diamonds, with prices 15-20% less expensive than a natural stone of the same size. But is that enough to make you buy one? Buying a natural diamond is an emotional purchase and since the 1940’s and De Beers highly successful marketing campaign “A diamond is…

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Engagement Rings Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden the home of the diamond engagement ring

Engagement rings Hatton Garden the home of the diamond engagement ring. Are you looking to buy an engagement ring in the worlds most famous jewellery street Hatton Garden? Are you looking for a bespoke engagement ring? Are you looking to do a deal? Looking to buy a loose diamond or gemstone? Want to sell your…

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Emerald – May -birthstone

Custom Made Emerald Diamond Ring | David Law Jewellery

May’s birthstone is the gorgeous emerald. The emerald is the perfect gemstone to celebrate the middle of spring and a special birthday or anniversary. Prized for its brilliance and beautiful variances of green colour the emerald id often favoured by the rich and famous to wear as their statement piece. This beautiful gemstone is at…

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