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There are many ways today to buy diamonds; you could go along the traditional route of your high street jeweller, be recommended by a friend to a manufacturer or diamond dealer in Hatton Garden or the jewellery district in Birmingham or what is becoming increasingly popular buy from an online shop.

High Street Jewellers

Hatton Garden is by far the most popular and famous jewellery buying street in the UK it is renowned for its array of engagement rings and ‘doing a deal.’

Some love the bartering that goes on as they stroll through the 60 + shops while others feel uncomfortable with sales assistants trying to pull them off the street, but the most prominent complaint that I hear however is that everything looks the same.

The other issue with going retail is most want to sell finished jewellery and not a loose diamond.

Manufacturers and dealers

In the past, you could only visit a dealer or manufacturer if you had an introduction.  But that is not the case anymore as they too will advertise their services directly to the public.

There are some manufacturers, and dealers that carry finished jewellery pieces but for most, they will have loose diamonds and settings for you to choose from, and some will offer a truly bespoke service.

The rise of the online retailers

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The growth in online diamond sales over the past few years has been enormous.

Their prices on the surface appear incredibly cheap some of that is down to the fact that they have been set up as turn over businesses pack it high sell it cheap on the other hand it’s down to smart marketing with headlines such as;

Cheapest loose diamonds, Lowest UK price guaranteed,
Why pay retail and pay double,
most extensive collection of GIA certificated diamonds in Hatton Garden to name just a few.

The truth is there is no guarantee that any of those statements are true or false, but they indeed work in drawing people to visit the site.

What is true however is that most are working from a worldwide list of diamonds available to the trade. To prove this point if you were to choose three online sellers and pick a certification number from the first one you will find the same stone on another site.

Because the diamonds are not on the whole exclusive to one online retailer can be the reason why sometimes you have to wait up to ten days for delivery as the stones could be at many locations around the world, or when you a buy a particular diamond you get an email shortly after saying it is no longer available and you have proposed an alternative.

How do choose where to buy diamonds from?


In the competitive world that we all now find ourselves living in outside of the branded shops I do not believe you will pay double what an online jeweller will charge you, and you have the safeguard of buying from bricks and mortar.


The advantages of working with a manufacturer are that most will not be trying to sell finished pieces of jewellery but will be giving you the opportunity of picking your diamond and having a bespoke ring made just for you.


Buying online means that you will have first to take a crash course in becoming a diamond expert by learning about the 4C’s which although important are only part of what you need to know.

From there you will need start scrolling long lists of diamonds and in the end, just picking one whether on price alone or combining cost with the diamonds characteristics.

The online retailers also offer you the chance of picking a ring setting they call it bespoke, but I have never really been comfortable in calling a mass produced ring bespoke.

The alternative way to buy diamonds

buy diamonds from a diamond expertThere, of course, is a final alternative buying method and that is to go to a personal jeweller like myself.

All of my jewellery is designed with my clients and handcrafted in my Hatton Garden workshop.

Then as a diamond expert, I will guide you through finding your ideal diamond by taking you way beyond the diamond 4C’s.

I will allow you to choose from a selection of diamonds in front of you rather than a list, and for your complete peace of mind all my diamonds are GIA certificated and competitively priced, and I guarantee this by keeping abreast of the market prices.

I do not make unsubstantiated promises of being the cheapest just the very best.

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