The Canadian Diamond Story So Far

Canadian diamonds are highly desirable, offering the world’s highest environmental standards. They are conflict-free with a certification process that allows the diamond to be tracked from the mine through to diamond cutting, wholesaling onto your bespoke jewellery piece.

History of the Canadian Diamond

Diamonds were first discovered in Canada during the 1990s, triggering one of the biggest prospecting rushes in recent history. In just a few short years, Canada has established itself as one of the largest producers of rough diamonds in the world ranking 5th in the world and 3rd for value.

Mining a Canadian diamond is a massive challenge because of the harsh arctic conditions requiring specialised and costly machinery. The mines are also in a remote location with no proper infrastructure to reach them only dangerous icy roads.

There are also additional cost in bringing a Canadian diamond to market firstly the Canadian government impose massive tariffs on the mining companies then there is higher labour cost due to the mines locations. Finally, the way the Canadian diamonds are marketed for transparency, each step of the manufacturing process has to be audited add significantly to their cost.

Like with any other product brought to market these additional cost is picked up by the consumer.

What makes a Canadian diamond special?

Let’s first deal with the myths. Canadian diamonds are not “More Beautiful.” or “Better Quality.” than diamonds mined in other parts of the world because a diamond is a diamond. The Canadian rough come in all shapes, clarity, colour and carat sizes.

What sets them apart from diamonds mined in other parts of the world are the strict environmental laws on mining operations imposed by the Canadian government these stringent regulations on mining companies are there to protect wildlife, water and fishing habitats of the mining environment. 

So Should you buy a Canadian diamond?

It comes down to your personal preferences and your belief system. Whether it is worth paying a premium for a Canadian diamond is subjective to different people.

If environmental mining practises is your number one priority then a Candian diamond will tick all your boxes. Each stone comes with a blue certificate alongside the GIA Certificate. It tells you the mine that your stone came from as well as the original rough.

Conflict free diamonds

The civil war in Sierra Leone is long over with the collective effort of international communities to implement the Kimberly Process curtailing the sale of conflict diamonds since. 

So whatever you might read or a jewellery retailer tells you conflict-free diamonds are not exclusive to a Canadian diamond. Therefore, a Canadian diamond, in my opinion, should only be considered on environmental grounds. or if you find it rather cool to know exactly where your diamond came from

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