Engagement Ring Trends -2020

18ct yellow gold tzavorite and diamond engagement ring

We are now well into the traditional engagement ring season, and as we enter 2020, there will be the customary predictions of what the latest engagement ring trends for the year ahead will be. No doubt you’ll be seeing all of the newest engagement rings popping up on your Facebook and Instagram feeds. Engagement Ring…

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Canadian Diamonds

Canadian diamond engagement ring

The Canadian Diamond Story So Far Canadian diamonds are highly desirable, offering the world’s highest environmental standards. They are conflict-free with a certification process that allows the diamond to be tracked from the mine through to diamond cutting, wholesaling onto your bespoke jewellery piece. History of the Canadian Diamond Diamonds were first discovered in Canada during…

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Where to buy an engagement ring

Happy couple celebrating their engagement

Proposal Ring Buying an engagement ring can be a daunting task, as it will be one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make and certainly the most important. Some choose to propose without the ring and then buy the engagement ring together, but my experience tells me that popping the question when least…

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Shopping Habits Are Changing

Oxford Street London is changing

Shopping habits are changing, and that’s a fact, however watching the news and reading social media and newspapers you would think that this was a new story. However, there has been a general shift in how people have been shopping over the past ten years, and probably the only difference now is some of the…

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The Demise Of Palladium Jewellery

palladium diamond set wedding ring

The history of palladium Palladium was first described in 1803 by William Hyde Wollaston, but has only come to the forefront in bespoke jewellery design and manufacture since July 2009 when the United Kingdom Hallmarking Act was amended to include it which was an extremely rare event. As palladium became only the fourth precious metal in the…

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Ruby Is The July Birthstone

Pair of Ruby Stone | July's Birthstone | David Law Jewellery

The July birthstone is the Ruby, a beautiful stone that represents love, passion, courage and emotion, and it’s believed wearing an elegant red ruby bestowed good fortune on its owner. The ruby gem has been the prized possession of Kings, Queens and Emperors throughout the ages and is considered the premier and most valued gemstone.…

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Make Your Own Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings | Make your Own Engagement Ring | David Law Jewellery

Make your own engagement ring  There can be many reasons why you might decide to make your own engagement ring; You want to propose to the love of your life with a ring as unique as her You can’t find the exact ring you are looking for  You want to influence the design of your…

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June Birthstone

June birthstone cultured pearls - 1 | David Law Jewellery

What is the June Birthstone? Unlike many other months, if you are born in June, you are lucky enough to have three stones associated with your birthday with the June birthstone being, pearls alexandrite, and moonstone. Pearls Pearls are officially the world’s oldest gemstone, and unlike most gems that are found deep into the ground,…

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It's Official De Beers


De Beers the world’s largest natural diamond producer is now manufacturing machine-made diamonds through an offshoot Company Element Six.  Up to now Element Six had been a world leader in diamond synthesis for industrial purposes only, but they have now moved into producing lab-grown diamonds for the De Beers jewellery division. De Beers has officially launched…

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