When I made the decision that I was going to propose to my partner I first ended up speaking to David having had a couple of trips round Hatton Garden which did not really provide any inspiration. We discussed the “wax ring proposal” – I loved the idea of having a bespoke ring designed, being able to propose with the actual diamond that would eventually find a home in the final ring, and still having a bit of a safety net in that Sally could have some design input if there were elements that were not quite right. I also loved the personal element to the service at did not at any point feel as though I was being pressured to a decision – either with respect to times or cost.

David was extremely patient with me and was able to produce a selection of beautiful ring designs all from a very sparse brief. The final ring is absolutely perfect, to the extent that Sally made no changes at all. I am not particularly creative, and David has produced a ring that is both beyond anything that I could have imagined but also exactly what I had in mind – the sign of a great designer.

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