You have decided to design your own ring, and there are two ways to go about it you can build your engagement ring, or you can create it, the two options are worlds apart so let me explain.

If you choose to build your engagement ring online  your ring creation journey will begin with;

Let’s find your perfect setting.

From a choice of pre-made mass produced ring mounts to choose from, with the only adaptation possible being your choice of precious metals.

Let’s find your perfect diamond.

With your setting chosen, you will be offered to select your diamond budget and then decide what diamond carat weight you would like together with the cut, colour and clarity.

Preview your design

With all your commodities chosen, you will see your final ring design on screen, and you can add your choice to your basket or request a viewing.

build your ringCustom made

Many people call this type of service bespoke; my interpretation would be ‘Custom Made.’ As your ring design already exist would have been made for others already and again in the future. The only real uniqueness is your diamond as no two diamonds are the same.

Create a unique engagement ring.

If you have decided that you would like to create an engagement ring as unique as you or your loved one there is nothing more magical than to design your unique ring.

Your design journey will begin with a blank canvass and just an idea; you will sit face to face with the designer and diamond expert who is going to design with you and make your final ring either by sitting face to face or via video conferencing from the comfort of your own home.

The first consultation is all about facts finding, discussing your design thoughts, and who the ring is to be made for, understanding their style and personality, looking at precious metal and settings that match their skin tones and lifestyle and exploring GIA certificated diamonds or the most exquisite gemstones without the need of you becoming an expert whilst fully respecting your budget.

Choice of unique designs and peace of mind

With everything gathered and a design brief written, on your second visit, you will be presented with a choice of unique 3D design to see and amend on the screen so that together your ideal engagement ring will be perfected.

You’re ring or rings if you are undecided between one or more designs will be created from the 3D printer so that you try them on for added peace of mind. You can even add your chosen diamond or gemstone so you get a complete feel for how your finished ring will look and feel.

With everything chosen your unique ring will be handcrafted and Made in Britain just for you and never repeated.

By choosing the bespoke route to design your ring you will be working with a jewellery and diamond expert that combines the art of traditional manufacturing techniques with modern technology.

create a unique engagement ringDesign your own ring

You will be part of a fantastic design journey and can be confident that you can create a true one of a kind engagement ring that will always be unique to you without paying a premium in price.

Discover bespoke as it was intended and call me today 0800 024 8940 to find out more about how to design your own ring with a master craftsman.

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