A woman’s love affair with diamonds has survived the decades. What is it about diamonds that are so captivating, and why do women still covet them so much?

Is it their association with romantic love, their rarity, value, or the way they delicately reflect the light or just the sparkle of the diamond.

How do you choose your perfect diamond and where?

For years, if you were not given an introduction to someone who worked in the trade your only option was to purchase a diamond already set into a jewellery piece from your high street jewellers. Most diamonds were not certificated, and you bought on the trust of the retailer.

How times have changed

Today there are many more options open to you, for buying diamonds, online as well as finished diamond jewellery. In most instances, the seller is selling on price rather than the beauty of the stone, and you no longer need to be an experienced jeweller to become a dealer. In fact, some of the largest internet diamond sites are owned by financiers and bankers.

To purchase a diamond online you are required to do your research, you will read about the diamond 4C’s cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. You might even read further into the symmetry measurements of the diamond like the depth, girdle thickness and table percentages.

From there, you will become a diamond expert and make your decision on the stone you wish to purchase. You will have decided what size of diamond you can afford together with its colour and clarity, and then set about as if you were buying a television online, to see who was selling the diamond for the very best price.

But here is the difference

You are not buying a television which will be the same at every establishment that you visit.  A diamond is not a typical purchase; there are no two diamonds in the world that are the same.  Each one has its unique characteristics that will make it sparkle more or less.

Maybe this is not an issue for you, and you are happy to purchase in this way, but for me, and yes you can call me old fashioned,  a diamond should be bought by what you see and not just by what you read.

There is nothing wrong in researching, but to become a diamond expert in a matter of hours of research is impossible, it takes years.  I have been selling diamonds for over 35 years and still do not know everything there is to know.

Peace  of mind

When I work individually with each of my clients, the choice of diamonds that I propose are GIA certificated, and all fit comfortably within budget. They are a minimum of eye clean and white, and they can then choose comfortably between which diamond sparkles the most to them.

My advice would always be to buy your diamonds and jewellery from a diamond and jewellery expert.

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