February birthstone is the amethyst, a stone that is part of the quartz family and carries stunning purple colours from a blend of deep violet and reds through to the lighter lilac hue.

The amethyst stone february birthstone.

The amethyst name comes from Koine Greek; the ancient Greeks thought the amethyst stone would protect the wearer from intoxicating powers of Bacchus enabling the wearer to keep a balanced mindset as well as keeping them calm, sharp and quick-witted.

For many centuries, the Amethyst gemstone has been associated with many myths and legends as well as religions in numerous cultures.

Through the middle ages the gemstone was believed to have symbolised royalty, and today the amethyst is supposed to bestow upon the wearer peace, courage, stability, sincerity and strength.

It’s not only the beautiful hues of the amethyst stone that makes it so desirable, but its availability in various shapes and sizes makes the gemstone very affordable.

 Amethyst set bespoke jewellery

The amethyst is such a versatile stone. Its available in many cuts, sizes and many violets colours it’s a great stone to be used with your next bespoke jewellery piece.

The amethyst looks great when set in both 18ct yellow gold, 18ct white gold and platinum allowing the stone and the precious metal to enhance any colour in your wardrobe.

It looks fantastic set into a bespoke ring, pendant and earrings and look fantastic on its own or set with diamonds or other complimentary coloured gemstones such as the golden beryl.

Pantone colour of the year 2018 – Ultra Violet

Colour of the year 20182018 is a great year to explore the wonders of the amethyst whether it’s your birthstone or not as Ultra Violet 18 – 3838 has been awarded the Pantone Colour of the year 2018 by the Pantone Colour Institute.

The institute is famous for forecasting colour trends for each calendar year and advising significant companies on brand identity, product development and the emotion of colour in their design strategy.

Discover first hand the beauty of the amethyst

antique cushion cut amethyst dress ring set in 18ct white goldI have been using the amethyst stone for many years in my design and manufacture, and one of my favourite pieces was this 26ct antique cushion cut amethyst that I set in this stunning 18ct white gold dress ring.

If you would like to find out more about the beautiful  February birthstone the amethyst, please get in touch with me as I would love the opportunity of showing you this delightful gemstone as the images do not it justice.

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