How to choose a diamond – it can be a very stressful experience if you take the wrong path or it could and should be exciting and rewarding.

It is true that most men sweat over the task of finding their perfect diamond engagement ring, however with the right advice and approach it should be a fun and enjoyable process.

The diamond 4C’s

For most people today the first port of call when searching for anything is to scroll the web to look for your diamond is no different. It will not be long into your searching that you will discover that the diamond 4C’s – Cut – Carat – Colour – Clarity – play a significant part in the structure of every diamond.

Unfortunately, the majority of people who believe they understand the 4C’s after an hour of research or after a presentation at a high street jeweller are wrong.

And If you believe you can choose your diamond online just by looking at a GIA certificate and trying to compare prices might leave you being very disappointed when the stone arrives in the post.

The GIA certificate alone does not tell you the full story of a diamond’s physical beauty.

If you want to buy the diamond that is right for you then you have to be taken beyond the 4C’s and to do this you need to close the laptop and starting exploring diamond choices with your eyes and with a diamond expert.

To put this into perspective believe it, or not diamond website are working from inventories supplied to them from diamond dealers across the globe rather than having the real diamonds. And to prove the point if you were to write a certificate number down from one website you would find the same stone on another site.

Therefore they would not be able to give you any further information other than what is in the certificate, on any of the stones they are listing and most certainly would not be able to advise you on what would be the best diamond for you.

What you can expect from a diamond expert

When working with a diamond expert, they will be present you with a section of diamonds that will fit within the budget; You will be offered a choice of diamond sizes, colours and clarity and cuts if you are undecided.


You might have already decided on the shape of the diamond you would like to buy, or you might want to see options before making your final choice.


The weight of the diamond might be the most important thing to you, but if you are open to options this is where you could save the most money on your purchase without altering  the look of the finished ring


By being presented with diamonds to choose from you can decide whether you can see the difference between one colour and another avoiding you have to pay extra for something that you can’t see.


Most diamonds mined have some blemishes and imperfection in them, and it is for the diamond expert to present diamonds to you that meet the requirements that you are looking to achieve.

As an example, if you could see an excellent SI2 ( small inclusions not visible with the naked eye ) compared to as SI1 of the same carat size but one up in clarity you will not see the difference with your naked eye, but you will save money.

How to choose a diamond – see before you buy

How to choose a diamond comes down to the path that you decide to take. You might decide that buying from a diamond sellers website will be the best option for you.

But with my experience and the competitive nature of the jewellery sector, I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what you extras you can achieve from working with a diamond expert and buying your diamond from what you see rather than just a certificate.

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