Prince Harry chose to create a bespoke engagement ring when he proposed to Meghan Markle, set with a beautiful diamond chosen from Botswana where the happy couple previously holidayed and family stones from his late mothers Princess Diana’s jewellery collection.

With the latest design techniques bespoke engagement rings are no longer reserved for the rich and famous, so if you’re looking to create a bespoke engagement ring as unique as your true love follow my three simple rules:

1, Finding a jewellery designer you trust

How to create a bespoke engagement ring in London with David Law and youPurchasing an engagement ring is likely to be one of the most expensive purchases that you will ever make, not to mention the most romantic.

With that in mind, it is so important that you proceed with caution when searching for the right jewellery designer and maker for the commission of your engagement ring.

It’s crucial to start by asking friends, family and work colleagues for recommendations then researching jewellery designers in your area which will help you build up a picture of your options.

You must visit the jewellers that you are interested in working with in-person so that you can see samples of their work as well as ensuring the legitimacy of the business giving you complete peace of mind that you are in safe hands.

Cost of bespoke versus the high street

One of a kind engagement rings do not necessarily have to cost you more than an equivalent engagement ring from the high street, however, it’s essential that you,  define your budget from the outset and know what will then be possible both in design and stone options to fit before any work commences.

Design your own ring

Choosing a bespoke ring allows you to be creative, the freedom to play with ideas, create something that is unique and be involved in the designing of your bespoke ring from start to finish.

You can even have the opportunity of using existing materials perhaps from an heirloom which will not only reduce the overall cost but make the ring even more personal to you.

Confidence in the jeweller you work with

You must feel entirely comfortable with the jeweller you decide to work with as every designer has a different way of working.

Some will just take your initial ideas and develop them into your finished engagement ring, others like me will take the time getting to know the client, and learning about the likes, dislikes and style of the bride-to-be.

Time will then be spent translating the ideas discussed into several hand-drawn sketches or if working with a jeweller like myself who combines traditional manufacturing roots with modern design techniques into a series of interactive designs for you to see and amend on screen and prototypes to wear created from the 3D printer.

Choice of materials

The bespoke ring route allows you to play with various precious metal options as well as different stone shapes, colours and clarities.

Adding a personal touch

create your own engagement ring inspired by a butterflyYou can add your personal touches to a bespoke engagement ring, perhaps a motif from where you first met, into the ring.

As an example I have recently designed engagement rings incorporating butterflies, hummingbirds and snowflakes, you could even add a birthstone or private message that would be invisible to others.

2, Be inspired

You could take to Instagram and Pinterest to look for design ideas and elements that you are drawn too, and if you are shopping alone, you must not lose sight of your bride-to-be personal style, noting down whether she wears predominantly silver, yellow, white or red gold or platinum.

It would also be most helpful if you could bring images of existing jewellery worn to your first consultation as its a perfect starting point when looking at design options, era influences, diamonds and gemstone.

3, Take your time

An engagement ring is for life, so it is essential that you take your time and research wisely.

Typically you can expect a bespoke engagement ring to be designed and made within eight weeks, with my lead time being three to four weeks.

It’s essential that before commissioning a jeweller you have everything written down and depending on the jeweller you work with you know the timescale of when you will be first presented with sketches, or interactive designs and wax models to wear of your ring designs and a final date for completion.

One final piece of advice make sure your diamond comes with a GIA certificate and a valuation so that you can arrange insurance cover before you pick your ring up

Three simple rules to create a bespoke engagement ring


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