Let’s talk about Bespoke Jewellery and flying the flag for  Jewellery Made in Britain.

Having been involved in designing and making jewellery for over 35 years there was a period where in the mid 80’s traditional Made in Britain jewellery manufacturing was dying because of cheap labour in China and the Far East, and I must be honest I never thought it would return to our shores.

The so-called premium you would pay for a piece of Jewellery Made In Britain was not something retail jewellers in the UK were prepared any longer to absorb. As a manufacturer to the trade at that time, we were forced to look for alternative avenues for our production.

Moving to overseas

Making in the Far East was not something that I felt comfortable with, as although the products were considerably less expensive, a reduction in price came at the expense of quality.  In truth, this was not something that I could accept, and it was the driving force that made me decide to turn my design skills and experience to private individuals who still appreciated having their jewellery made here in the UK.

The Far East today

Some of the biggest brands around still have their Jewellery made in the Far East, and online retailers and jewellers who in general continue to compete purely on price do so too.

But things are changing

It is no longer fashionable for retailers to hold large inventories of stock and with the introduction of changing manufacturing techniques, the move to jewellery Made in Britain returning home is now de rigueur.

For me, though you have to go further than just saying all of my jewellery is made here in London. You have to take customer care and personal service to another level while at the same time killing the myth that bespoke jewellery is out of the average persons to reach.

There is a misconception that bespoke is expensive. The combining of my traditional manufacturing roots with modern technology has removed the premium prices once associated with bespoke.

The design experience

For clients working with me, it means becoming part of an exciting journey, getting exactly the jewellery piece you are looking for, and at a price, you wish to pay.  My design process gives a unique opportunity to stamp one’s personality and ideas on the ring or jewellery of your dreams, from inception all the way through to the finished design. Culminating in a personalised piece that will be cherished forever.

By combining traditional manufacturing skills with the very latest 3D design software and 3D wax printing you will see your designs evolve.  From original sketches into interactive drawings on the big screen, and then become tactile and wearable as I create them in 3D wax, before handcrafting to finish in my Hatton Garden workshop.

There has never been a better time to explore the world of Bespoke Jewellery Made in Britain and at the same time flying the flag for the UK.


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