There are many London jewellery designers to choose from, but how do you find the jeweller that is right for you.

You have scoured the high street and looked online and have come to the conclusion that the jewellery you have seen is all too similar in design and is not quite what you have been looking to buy.

So you have decided that to get the exact piece of jewellery that you are looking for you are going to have to get it made, but where?

What term should you search for on google?

From my extensive research with my clients I know that each struggled with term online they should be searching for, is it bespoke jewellers, jewellery designers, handmade jewellery the list goes on and is endless.

Most end up asking friends for a recommendation or searching for Hatton Garden Jewellers if they live in London or the south of the country or the Jewellery quarter in Birmingham for the rest of the UK.

How do I find the right jeweller?

The task then is to find the right one that you feel comfortable to work with, of course, you could go back to a retail environment and look for a shop that offers a bespoke service an many do or decide on an independent jewellery designer like myself that is studio and workshop based.

Today most jewellers will display how many years they have been in the jewellery trade as a usp to authority.

But I would say that in itself is not enough; my advice would be to delve deeper and discover what their expertise is.

Have they ever made jewellery at the workbench or have they only worked on mass-produced items?  Many who own jewellery establishment might have owned them for a long time but have never made jewellery in their lives and bought their businesses for investment.

Modern and traditional manufacturing techniques

If they advertised that they work using 3D CAD software and printing, that again does not guarantee that they can make what you are looking to achieve.

Modern technology is fantastic, and I have been using for over 12 years, and I can tell you with high authority that you only get the best from it if you combine it with traditional manufacturing techniques.

How many designs will you typically get?

Most jewellers who provide a bespoke service will take your ideas create sketches or a 3D cad design and possible a 3D print of it, and once you approved it and chosen your stones, they will make it for you.

All about choice

I have always taken the view that although you might have a vision and idea on the type of jewellery you wish to make you can’t be 100% sure that it will work or be compatible with your lifestyle.

This is the reason why with all my clients irrespective of budget I will expand upon their original ideas and create a series of designs for them to see and amend on screen and then print them from the printer to try on, this way they have complete confidence that final design will be perfect.

Diamond and Gemstones

So many companies expect you to become a diamond or gemstone expert by reading about it online and then choosing from a list, for some this works but call me old-fashioned and I prefer to work the old-fashioned way of using my expertise in helping clients select their perfect stone that fit within budget by using their eyes

If you have a jewellery project, you would like to talk to me about please contact me  or give me a call on 0800 024 8940

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