Emerald – May -birthstone

Custom Made Emerald Diamond Ring | David Law Jewellery

May’s birthstone is the gorgeous emerald. The emerald is the perfect gemstone to celebrate the middle of spring and a special birthday or anniversary. Prized for its brilliance and beautiful variances of green colour the emerald id often favoured by the rich and famous to wear as their statement piece. This beautiful gemstone is at…

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How to choose a diamond

how to choose a diamond

How to choose a diamond – it can be a very stressful experience if you take the wrong path or it could and should be exciting and rewarding. It is true that most men sweat over the task of finding their perfect diamond engagement ring, however with the right advice and approach it should be…

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April birthstone the diamond

april birthstone -the diamond

For those of you fortunate enough to be born in April, the most prized gemstone of them all the diamond is your birthstone; the diamond indeed is a girl’s (or a boy’s) best friend. You probably have already heard about diamond’s toughness. Made from just one element: carbon and is, in fact, the hardest gemstone…

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How to create a bespoke engagement ring

How to create a bespoke engagement ring in London

Prince Harry chose to create a bespoke engagement ring when he proposed to Meghan Markle, set with a beautiful diamond chosen from Botswana where the happy couple previously holidayed and family stones from his late mothers Princess Diana’s jewellery collection. With the latest design techniques bespoke engagement rings are no longer reserved for the rich…

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Unusual Wedding Rings

unique wedding rings

Unusual wedding rings are for those who wish to design their wedding rings together and have them made by a master craftsman just for them.   Wedding bands online and on the high street The typical wedding ring sold online or on the high street come in standard widths, profiles and thicknesses are cut off…

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March Birthstone

March birthstone - aquamarine

The March birthstone Aquamarine a stunning stone that has long been the symbol of youth, health and hope and available in a range of colours  from the pale to the deep blues that some say are reminiscent of the colours of the Caribbean sea. As we say goodbye to the winter chills and start dreaming…

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buy diamonds

buy diamonds

Buy Diamonds There are many ways today to buy diamonds; you could go along the traditional route of your high street jeweller, be recommended by a friend to a manufacturer or diamond dealer in Hatton Garden or the jewellery district in Birmingham or what is becoming increasingly popular buy from an online shop. High Street…

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February birthstone

february birthstone - amethyst

February birthstone is the amethyst, a stone that is part of the quartz family and carries stunning purple colours from a blend of deep violet and reds through to the lighter lilac hue. The amethyst stone february birthstone. The amethyst name comes from Koine Greek; the ancient Greeks thought the amethyst stone would protect the…

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January Birthstone

january birthstone- the garnet

The Garnet overview The January birthstone is the garnet gemstone, for babies born in this month the garnet gem make the perfect stone as not only does it symbolises peace, prosperity and good health but some even say it has the power to give the wearer eternal happiness, health and wealth. Its a genuinely stunning…

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London Jewellery Designers

london jewellery designers - david law jewellery

There are many London jewellery designers to choose from, but how do you find the jeweller that is right for you. You have scoured the high street and looked online and have come to the conclusion that the jewellery you have seen is all too similar in design and is not quite what you have…

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