What could be better than creating unique wedding rings? Well if you are planning on getting married, not much!

With bespoke and custom made wedding bands you do not need to settle for the wedding rings that you regularly see on the high street or online.  Often they are made from tubing to standard profiles and widths.

An expert in designing unique wedding rings

Often engagement rings are designed without the consideration of how your wedding ring will look against it and don’t lend themselves to a simple plain band and may need a ring specially shaped.

I am David Law a bespoke wedding ring designer with over 35 years of experience and am well placed to turn your imagination into reality.

My design process allows you to be involved in the designing stages of creating your wedding rings for your special day.

The advantages of creating in 3D

Crafting designs first in 3D allows you to see your rings and how the look of your rings will change with different metals and textures with or without diamonds and gemstones.

Designing in 3d also gives you the added advantage of seeing whether your design ideas for your rings are attainable or not and you can do so without incurring any additional charges, you will also get to try your rings on as prototypes before the handcrafting stage.

The options continue

You could design rings that match one another’s or incorporate elements of an heirloom to make your wedding rings even more special, add motifs and an engraving with perhaps your names, wedding dates or a cryptic message.

If plain bands are your thing, bespoke still gives you more options than the high street as you could have a unique profile or a width that looks right on your finger.

Examples of unique wedding ring Commission

The brief:

ladies fitted wedding ringsTo create a matching and fitted wedding rings to the ladies engagement ring, and for the gentleman, he would like to have a grove in the center of his wedding ring that mirrors the shape of the ladies wedding ring.

We discussed three possible ways of achieving the result he was looking for:

The first option was  too highly polish the groove and brush finish either side of the wedding ring,

The second option was to add rose gold into the ring this time to mirror the rose gold in the engagement ring, to achieve this I  suggested inserting a rose gold inner lining to the grove

With the outside of the ring either polished or brushed.Gents unique wedding rings

The third option was to have the rose gold insert flush with the outside of the wedding ring with the ring highly polished.

As you can see I demonstrated all three option on the big screen making it easy for my client to make the decision that was right for him

Why not explore designing unique wedding rings for yourselves and create rings as unique as you are for your wedding day.

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