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Custom Made Dimaond And Sapphire Engagement Rings By Hatton Garden Master Jeweller David Law

Choosing The Perfect Diamonds And Sapphires

Traditional & Contemporary Bespoke Sapphire Engagement Rings

Making a custom made diamond and sapphire engagement ring is the perfect alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring.

Sapphires are available in an array of stunning colours - not just blue. They are considered one of the "Big Four" of precious gemstones, alongside diamonds rubies and emeralds, scoring nine on the Mohs scale. Sapphires are well suited to withstand the wear and tear that engagement rings are subjected to as only a diamond is harder.

Popularity Of Sapphires

Sapphire engagement ring first came to prominence is the 18th century. Prince Charles in presenting the late Princess Diana with a diamond and sapphire engagement ring is credited with fuelling the increase in sales of this most popular gemstone as a diamond alternative for an engagement ring in the current era.

The sapphire engagement ring sales were further increased when Prince William proposed to Duchess of Cambridge with his late mother's ring.

custom made pear shaped sapphire and dia mond three stone ring

Sapphire Characteristics

Three stone sapphire and diamond ring and three stone all diamond custom made engagement ring.
sapphire and diamond halo bespoke engagement rings | David Law Jewellery
Platinum emerald cut sapphire and diamond band engagement ring
Oval sapphire and diamond halo platinum unique engagement ring
Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring
Custom made pear shaped Sapphire & Diamond engagement ring.

Sapphires are available in a variety of stone shapes, sizes and clarity; however, what sets them apart from diamonds is their density meaning a sapphire will be smaller than a diamond of the same weight.


Unlike the diamond, it is most unusual for sapphires to come with a certificate as there are no universally accepted criteria for colour, clarity and cut in the same way diamonds.

Heat Treated Sapphires

Most sapphires experience heat enhancement; this centuries-old technique improves the colour and clarity of a sapphire, leaving it in a stable state that won't alter over time.

Sapphires can also be found in their natural state if that is your preference.

Blue Sapphires Are Not The Only Colour

The most famous sapphires are a vibrant royal blue or peacock blue shade of colour that looks great under various light sources, but sapphires can also come in a range of gorgeous pinks, vibrant yellows, purples, blues with a violet tint, orange and greens shades.

This spectrum of colours increases further the popularity of the sapphire when creating a bespoke engagement ring.

The Cost Of A Sapphire

Sapphires will increase in price based upon their weight and the strength of their colour, however, because unlike a diamond their sizes vary finding a stone the meets your budget and expectation will be a lot easier.

Buying A Sapphire From An Expert

Unlike with diamonds that are today often bought online choosing a sapphire has to be done in person so that you can find your perfect colour and stone shape, and as an expert with a passion for colours, I will help you choose your ideal stone.

bespoke jewellery designer david Law

Uniqe Styles & Choices To View & Try On

trying on a bespoke engagement ring for the first time

Traditionally sapphire engagement rings found on the high street will be with the sapphire as the centre stone, with ovals and cushion shape sapphires the most popular.

When choosing to create a unique engagement ring, you could decide to have a diamond as your centre stone surrounded by a halo of sapphires or with a sapphire either side as a three-stone engagement ring.

And when it comes to stone shapes the sky, the limit, with endless options available to you. You could decide on a brilliant-cut centre stone with a pear shape on either side as just one example.

Be inspired by a vast, collection of past commissioned custom made Sapphire and Diamond engagement rings, individually designed with love and crafted at my Hatton Garden workshop.

100’s of bespoke wax ring designs available for you to see, try on and draw your inspiration from as your ring ideas evolve.

oval sapphire diamond platinum engagement ring
Platinum emerald cut sapphire and diamond band engagement ring

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