How To Choose Your Precious Metal

Rare, Durable, Special

Choosing Your Precious Metal

Whether your priority is colour, durability, or a request to match your skintone or clothing, David Law will advise on the perfect precious metal that is right for you.


Platinum is a rare precious metal that’s durable and heavyweight. This means it won’t wear away with constant use, and holds gemstones in place for the lifetime of the jewellery.

With a natural white lustre, platinum brings the best out of diamonds. It’s equally elegant when used to create a piece of jewellery by itself.

Pure platinum contains at least 950 parts of platinum per thousand.

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Yellow gold

24ct gold is pure gold. However, pure gold is too soft to be used for jewellery, so other metals are nearly always added to strengthen it.

18ct gold is an alloy that contains 18 parts gold and six parts of other metals (usually copper), making it 75% gold.

White gold

White gold is created by mixing other metals with gold to create a white or grey colour. It’s then coated with rhodium to keep its colour.

One option is to add nickel, but this can cause dermatitis in people who are sensitive to nickel. The other option is to add palladium, which is more expensive but less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Rose and pink gold

Gold-coloured alloys are created by the addition of copper. Rose and pink gold are created by adding extra copper – the more copper, the deeper the effect.

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found Bespoke Does Not Mean More Expensive. In fact, bespoke will not usually cost more than  similar ready-made jewellery on the high street, and the end result will be of higher quality and unique to you and your partner.


The gemstone trade, gemstone investors and lovers of coloured gems have established an unwritten preferred combination of tone, intensity vibrancy, and intense colour and it is these stones that command the highest prices.

Setting all this aside when choosing your ideal gemstone your skin tones need to be taken into account as well as the jewellery setting and what is one person’s favourite colour may not be another, that’s is the pure beauty of choosing coloured gemstones over diamonds.

The above guide to colour gemstones applies to most coloured precious stones: Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Tanzanite, Aquamarine… There are of course some exception such as pearl and opals which have entirely different parameters.

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Pure silver is too soft to create durable jewellery, so 7.5% of other metals are added to improve performance. The most common metal that’s added is copper. This does make the silver harder, but also gives it a tendency to tarnish.

If you wear sterling silver jewellery continually, it often develops a lovely patina – a kind of glow combined with darkened areas. Many people like this look. If, however, you prefer your sterling silver to be bright and shiny, you can restore its original appearance by polishing it with a cloth.

Sterling silver is both beautiful and affordable, putting sterling silver jewellery within the range of almost any budget.


We wanted to write to you to thank you for all of your amazing help in getting our ring designed and made under tight conditions for our trip to New York last weekend. As you can see from the photos attached it looks amazing and we are so thrilled with it. I hope that you are well and we will be in touch for wedding rings.

A massive thank you David from us both making my abstract thoughts into reality, you are brave man for accepting and delivering the challenge the results are perfect. You should be proud I am not easily pleased.


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