Unlock the Artistry of Bespoke Jewellery With David Law

Your love story and dreams inspire artisan David Law at Bespoke Jewellery London, as he creates unique, enduring memories tailored exclusively for you

Uniquely Yours: Bespoke Jewellery Made Just for You

Embark on a journey of discovery with David Law's innovative jewellery design process, where your collaboration is at the heart of your design.

Crafted to Perfection: The David Law Experience

With over four decades of expertise, Jewellery Designer David Law is a master craftsman in luxury bespoke jewellery.

His work reflects the highest quality standards, making his name synonymous with excellence. Each piece he creates is a testament to his unwavering commitment to perfection.

Trained in Hatton Garden, London, David seamlessly blends traditional techniques with modern 3D modelling to create unique designs.

He meticulously selects the finest diamonds and gemstones, crafting exquisite pieces that embody his precision and your story.

Commissioning Your Bespoke Jewellery

You don’t need a fixed idea to get started, as David’s expertise and exclusive collection of jewellery designs will guide and inspire you, making the process seamless and enjoyable.

Additionally, his tailored design process offers a choice of original bespoke designs and wax models to try on, allowing you to visualise and perfect your piece before finalising it.

Moreover, the belief that your handcrafted jewellery should reflect your unique vision is at the core of David’s approach.

This personal touch ensures that you are not just a customer but a valued part of the creation process.

Designing Your Custom-Made Jewellery Has Never Been Easier


Embark on your bespoke jewellery design journey with David Law’s virtual consultations.

A convenient option that ensures you receive a personalised service no matter how busy your schedule or your location is.


Visit David Law’s London studio in Hatton Garden and Marylebone to collaborate on your custom piece.

Immerse yourself in the creative process and witness the artistry firsthand in a space dedicated to excellence.


Enjoy a personalised jewellery design experience from the convenience of your own home.

David Law will bring his inspiration, expertise and materials to you, creating a bespoke piece tailored to your unique vision.

Crafting Dreams: The Bespoke Jewellery Design Journey

Radiant Gemstones: The Foundation of Beauty

The inspiration for every David’s bespoke jewellery creations starts with the beauty of a handpicked choice of gemstones, defining the design’s character.

David’s expertise guides the selection of only the most vibrant and unique coloured gemstones, each meeting rigorous standards to become the stunning centrepiece of your jewellery.

Exquisite Diamonds: A Cut Above

Natural Diamonds: Beyond the Ordinary: David meticulously selects natural diamonds that transcend the traditional 4Cs, focusing on ethically sourced gems with unique traits.

Lab-Grown Diamonds a Choice for the Future:  Reflects sustainability, ethical, and environmental values, making it a forward-thinking option for your bespoke jewellery.

Tailored Elegance: Unveiling Your Unique Bespoke Design

David collaborates closely with you to craft six initial 3D designs, providing an unparalleled opportunity to see your ideas come to life with astonishing accuracy.

The next step involves printing 3D models of your chosen designs, allowing you to physically feel and wear mock-ups with your selected stones, ensuring you can confidently choose your unique design.


With a Complimentary Discovery Call

It’s a chance for David to understand your vision, preferences, and lifestyle to share inspiration, delve into your likes and dislikes, and outline the exciting journey ahead where traditional craftsmanship meets innovative 3D design technology.

Bridal And Love Jewellery: Celebrating Your Unique Moments



Discover a fresh approach to creating your unique bespoke engagement ring with designer David Law.

By collaborating with him, you can bring your vision to life through a choice of ring designs, diamonds, and gemstones, experiencing 3D-printed models before the final creation.

Therefore, don’t settle for the ordinary when you can create the extraordinary.

Young couple on their wedding day with their BESPOKE diamond WEDDING RINGS

Bespoke Wedding Rings

Ladies’ and men’s wedding rings are a timeless symbol of enduring love, meticulously designed and handcrafted to perfection.

Young couple embracing at a sunset with a BESPOKE diamond ETERNITY RINGS

Bespoke Eternity Rings

Diamond eternity rings are an everlasting symbol of unending love, expertly designed and handcrafted exclusively for you.

Model wearing a diamond bespoke Pendant

Celebration Jewellery

Discover the allure of custom-made jewellery, from diamond and gemstone earrings and pendants to dress rings and cufflinks.


The Wax Ring Proposal

Allows you to add a unique touch to your proposal with a co-designed engagement ring, initially 3D-printed in wax with your chosen stone set into a temporary engagement ring.

Next, return to perfect and finalise the design together, creating a lasting symbol of your commitment.


Jewellery Remodelling

Incorporate a family heirloom to add an extra layer of uniqueness and sentiment to your bespoke jewellery.

Repurposing a cherished piece into a contemporary design or engagement ring can bring a meaningful touch to your custom creation. Find Out More


Contact David Law, a Bespoke Jewellery London expert, to explore the possibilities of luxury bespoke jewellery adorned with unique gems.

A world of alluring, one-of-a-kind pieces awaits you.

diamond bespoke three stone engagement ring

Success Spotlight: A Client’s Journey with David

Working with David has been an utter pleasure, from vision to the creation of a beautiful engagement ring for my partner.  David helped me realise the dream piece for such an important and special occasion.  

by Rosanna Tucker

What Makes Bespoke Jewellery Designer David Law Stand Out?

Personalised Service: Enjoy face-to-face meetings for a deeply personal and tailored experience at every stage.

Your Dreams, David’s Guide: At David Law, your needs and dreams take the lead, shaping every decision we make. Our commitment to limitless creativity ensures your satisfaction.

Expert Guidance: Receive impartial advice and all the necessary information, simplifying the process of choosing diamonds and gemstones.

Exclusively Yours: David personally designed each piece, guaranteeing a unique and authentic creation.

British Craftsmanship: Proudly crafted in Britain, supporting local artisans and ensuring the highest quality artistry.

Transparent and Honest Pricing: David believes in transparency. That’s why he presents options that fit your budget, ensuring a journey of trust and clarity from start to finish.

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