Bespoke Eternity Rings

Design a Bespoke Eternity Ring to Match your Personal Style

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Bespoke Eternity Rings


Diamond Eternity Rings | David Law Jewellery


Create  your own bespoke eternity ring to celebrate your love

Presenting an eternity ring to the love of your life and knowing that your loved one has a unique eternity ring designed and handcrafted just for them will make it even more special.

London Jewellery designer David Law is an expert in creating custom made eternity rings and working with his clients to turn their dreams and ideas into one of a kind eternity rings.



Designing your eternity ring with artisan David Law

Whether you have a fixed idea or not David will inspire you with his ideas along with presenting you with his portfolio of past commissions.

His unique approach to design will allow you to see and amend a choice of ring designs brought to life using 3D CAD ( computer-aided-design ) as well and seeing and wearing prototypes created from the in-house 3D printer.

You will explore precious metals along with diamonds, choosing cuts, colours, clarities and size as well as the most beautiful coloured gemstones.

Handcrafted in Hatton Garden London

With your selections made David will handcraft your eternity ring for you in his workshop in the world famous Hatton Garden

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Traditionally an eternity ring is given after the engagement and wedding rings on the first, fifth or tenth wedding anniversary, or the arrival of the first child although some will give it to celebrate a special birthday or big anniversary.

Whatever the occasion you choose commissioning a bespoke engagement ring will make the ring even more special.

There are no rules as to what finger an eternity ring should be worn; some will choose to wear it next to the engagement and wedding ring while others disregard the tradition and will wear it on the other hand.

If the eternity is to be worn side by side with the engagement and wedding ring the precious metal must be the same and the ring will be designed to complement the other rings without overpowering them.

Bespoke Eternity Rings Set | David Law Jeweller


A full eternity ring is typically set with an unbroken circle of identical gems. The circle never stops, which is why it’s the perfect symbol of everlasting love. However with a bespoke eternity ring, you do not have to decide on a ring with the diamonds set all the way around or half way around which is normal. 

With a bespoke ring, you could choose to go 60% or 70% away around with diamonds you might even decide to break with tradition, and a give a custom made ring set with coloured gemstones or choose to break with tradition altogether and go with a dress ring style.

His’n’Hers eternity rings

Why should just the woman benefit from wearing a beautiful eternity ring? To further cement your bond as a couple, you can work together with David Law to create a matching pair of eternity rings.

Cost of a bespoke eternity ring

David will always work to the agreed budget and never take you above it, and a bespoke ring will not cost you anymore that than a luxury ready to wear ring on the high street.

His & Hers Matching Eternity Rings | David Law

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