Congratulations to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on their engagement; nothing beats a Royal Engagement announcement to put engagement rings on top of the Social Media chatter.

A Unique Engagement Ring For Meghan Markel

There has been much speculation on the details of the ring. As a bespoke engagement ring expert, I have been asked to contribute to pieces in theOne of a kind Engagement Ring, OK magazine, the Mirror and Yahoo.

Each publication wanted all the information on Meghan Markle’s ring, what colour gold it was, the carat weight of the centre diamond and how much Prince Harry spent on it

I am sure you will not be surprised to hear that copies of her ring starting at under £150 are already flooding the market, with much more to follow.

One of a kind Engagement Ring

But the exciting thing for me when I watched the newly engaged couple’s interview on the television was how happy Meghan was to know that Prince Harry had made her engagement ring from his ideas rather than buying a ready-made ring.

The centre stone comes from Botswana, where Harry has close ties. And the outside diamonds come from his late mother, Princess Diana’s jewellery collection, there was a real personal story behind the creation of the unique ring, and you can only get this when you go bespoke.

Considering the Royal’s affiliation to Wales, perhaps the ring was made with Welsh gold, but again that is pure speculation on my part.

Family heirlooms in your engagement ring

There is something extraordinary in using family heirlooms in your engagement ring and adding your piece of history to your unique ring, perhaps something from where you first met? Your first holiday together?

Adding these very personal touches to your unique engagement ring makes the value of the ring priceless and extra special.

There is much more to an engagement ring purchase than picking one from a jewellery shop window. When you choose to create your one-of-a-kind ring, it will become unique to you and never repeated

Discover more about the design process in creating your unique engagement ring



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