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Engagement Ring Design Case Study



My clients had been searching for an engagement ring but could not find the ring of their dreams. They reached out to me to help them create a unique engagement ring made exclusively for them and be involved throughout the design process.

Typically, they did not have a fixed ring design but had snippets of what they wanted, such as combining red and white gold, possibly sapphires into the design, and having a central brilliant-cut diamond. They shared initial images of rings that they had seen to help me get a travel direction.


In our first consultation, I dug a little deeper into the things they liked and things they disliked sharing my ideas as we chatted to build an initial design brief to get things started.


The process now moved to my design studio, where I set about creating various ring design ideas around the images provided and our initial discussions. We then met again over Zoom to view the initial designs I created and collaberated to make a few alterations.

With the early engagement ring designs created we agreed for me to print them from the 3D printer for them to see and try on

At our first face to face meeting, having seen the wax rings they eliminated the ring designs they no longer liked, and we expanded the design brief to include new ideas for me to create.

This process of elimination went on over several Zoom and in-person meetings until thirteen ring designs later; we had created their dream ring.


The final stage of the design process was to discuss diamonds, they had already given me a budget to work too, and I had advised the size diamonds that would fit within it. But in further discussions, it became clear to me that ideally, they would like a larger diamond, and I had to look for solutions to accommodate this without affecting the quality.

The solution was to go for a lab-grown diamond which allowed them to purchase their ideal diamond carat weight, with a higher cut, colour and clarity over a traditionally mined diamond and pay less than their budget.


If I needed to prove how effective and flexible my design process is, the final engagement ring design was nothing like the original ideas we discussed; however, it did include the red and white gold elements from our initial discussions. A big win for them and extremely satisfying for a designer


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