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Bespoke Wedding Rings




Design your own bespoke wedding rings

  • Want a bespoke wedding ring that’s as unique as you are?
  • Looking for a wedding ring to match your engagement ring?
  • Need his’n’hers wedding rings to demonstrate your love?



Why a bespoke wedding ring means so much more

Every marriage is different, so why should you wear a wedding ring that’s the same as someone else’s?

London jeweller, David Law, has a wealth of experience in designing wedding rings.

Over the years, hundreds of couples have trusted him to design and create bespoke wedding rings for them.


“Matching Wedding Rings”

“Prototypes to wear”

When you choose a bespoke wedding ring, the possibilities are endless.

You can have any width or profile that suits your taste and lifestyle.

You can have a pair of rings designed, either to match exactly or to complement each other’s.

Your wedding ring can be cleverly designed to match or go with your engagement ring.

You can even commission a unique design created that’s inspired by your love story or to include an heirloom diamond or gemstone.


Whatever you decide, David is available anytime 24/7 to help you choose the precious metals that will suit you best, whether singly or mixed. He’ll advise about possible textures, messages and engravings. And he’ll supply a choice of GIA-certified diamonds and/or coloured gemstones to further personalise your rings.

To ask a question or discover more about  the process for creating bespoke wedding rings

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The fascinating history of wedding rings


Worldwide, wedding rings are exchanged as part of the traditional marriage ceremony, and worn thereafter as a sign of love and fidelity.

Wedding rings are sometimes called wedding bands, and are usually worn on the third finger of the left hand, which has become known as the ring finger. As the circle is a symbol of eternity, a wedding ring demonstrates the eternal love between you and your spouse.

The custom of wearing a wedding ring dates back to ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian times. At that time, it was believed that the ring finger enclosed a vein that was connected direct to the heart. During the 20th century, it has become common for husbands and wives to wear matching rings.

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