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engagement ring styles

Shopping for an engagement ring can be daunting enough without adding a whole glossary of terminology into the mix. You may have researched the 4Cs, and the jewellery shop staff or the online copy you read will try to guide you through most of the tricky stuff, but there is one thing you need to be armed with before you start shopping (apart from your credit card). What style of engagement ring you’re looking to buy?

It’s one of the first questions you’ll be asked when you walk into the shop or search online, it could dictate the kind of jewellery shop you should look in, and it could influence how much you’re likely to spend. 

While you might have an idea of what kind of ring you think your other half would like, from jewellery she owns or she may have given you some hints or pointed out rings in shop windows on Instagram or Pinterest.

Your problems begin if you have no ideas at all and it is then that you need to talk with an expert. 

As a help in your choice making here is an ultimate guide to ring styles.

classic diamond engagement ring

Classic Ring Settings

A style of engagement ring that you will find in almost every jewellery shop you walk into or view online.

A classic setting does not mean basic and boring, these rings are versatile, timeless and work well with a variety of different gemstones, shapes of stone, and precious metals, the style may even overlap into more unusual vintage or contemporary ring settings.

three stone platinum diamond engagement ring

Three Stone Engagement Ring

There are many forms of three stone ring from a trilogy ring with three equal stone sizes to represent the past, present and future, three stone with a larger centre stone and two complimentary outside stones; three stone rings with a different shape centre stones or outside stone, you even mix diamonds with coloured gemstones.

brilliant cut platinum diamond solitaire ring

Solitaire Engagement Ring

 A solitaire ring is a single stone ring (sometimes with diamonds embellished in the band) these rings are all about showing off the diamond. Typically these rings have four or six claw, or if you go for a contemporary style solitaire you chose a mixture of the different setting styles

platinum diamond halo engagement ring

Halo Engagement Ring

A halo engagement ring has a centre diamond surrounded by a circle of smaller diamonds alternatively you choose a coloured gemstone in the centre or on the outside, and if you are looking for the ultimate bling, you could pick a double halo engagement ring.

platinum marquise diamond twist engagement ring

Twist Engagement Ring

The twist engagement ring bands have become very popular in recent years and are an excellent way to give a solitaire ring setting a contemporary update.

Princess cut diamonds platinum contemporary engagement ring

Contemporary Styled Engagement Rings

The sky is the limit when it comes to a modern engagement ring design. Contemporary engagement rings allow you to mix various eras styles and become very artistic.

princess cut diamond bezel set engagement ring

Bezel Engagement Ring

A bezel set engagement ring is where a stone is surrounded by a ring of metal it is incredibly smooth and is ideal for those who are Doctors, Dentists and Teachers

emerald cut sapphire and diamond p18ct white gold engagement ring

Coloured Stone Engagement Ring

Gorgeous coloured stone engagement rings cover a wealth of engagement ring styles can be set on there own or in combination with diamonds. Sapphire and diamond engagement rings are the most popular but be wary of softer stones such as tanzanite and emeralds. 

princess cuts platinum session set engagement ring

Tension Set Engagement Rings

Is a style of a ring where the diamond is floating  in the middle of a band, they can  be a great way to show off a spectacular stone, here in the UK because of the hallmarking act it is difficult to create a real tension set ring so seek expert advice if this is your preferred setting

sapphire and diamond platinum great Gatsby ring

Vintage-Inspired, Art Deco, Victorian and Edwardian engagement rings 

The term vintage engagement ring is used in conversation, but without a defined meaning, most use the term Vintage to mean a new ring inspired from a style from an older era

The Art Deco era covers the late twenties and thirties; this period inspired some great styles and gorgeous jewellery (think of the Great Gatsby). Geometric patterns and abstract designs characterise art Deco rings. and they are using diamonds and gemstones in contrasting colours.

Victorian inspired platinum diamond engagement ring

The Victorian era rise of the middle classes came to an increased demand for jewellery. Fancy rings as an engagement ring in this era, it was during this period that young women began dreaming of (and expecting) a diamond engagement ring. It was also during this period. In 1886 that Tiffany & Co. launched their now world-famous six-claw diamond solitaire setting.

Edwardian style engagement rings are diamond engagement rings fashioned after jewellery styles popular during the Edwardian era between 1900 to 1915. … Diamonds were the gemstone of choice, with the Edwardian era engagement rings designed to incorporate as many diamonds as possible

Celtic engagement ring set with a princess cut ruby

Celtic engagement rings

Celtic rings are often called Celtic wedding rings or Claddagh Rings. The earliest rings were made of gold and showed two hands coming together. Today using the Celtic symbol has become increasing popular in engagement rings.

platinum diamond personalised engagement ring

engagement ring personalised by adding a hummingbird

Personalised engagement rings

A personal favourite is a personalised engagement ring; you can become very creative with your ring design perhaps by adding elements from your first holiday as a couple, something from your lives and loves, birthstone and engravings.

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