Creates Jewellery that tells your unique story without words

Designed with you and made in Hatton Garden London

A David Law bespoke creation combines craftsmanship, exquisite gems and storytelling. Every last detail is a perfect reflection of your personality and style.

It's time for a different approach.

Bespoke Jewellery London designer David Law is renowned for his exceptional personal service, attention to detail and craftsmanship. David takes pride in guiding his clients through his memorable design experience, translating their love stories and visions into a unique, timeless jewellery piece.

Draw on David’s 40 years of jewellery design and hand-crafting experience, inspirational ideas, expert help, and impartial advice. And create an exquisite bespoke jewellery piece that will be unique to you and never repeated.

remodelled diamond ring

Style your imagination​

Style your imagination and personal love story into a statement piece. A bespoke jewellery piece designed and made by David Law is much more than just a jewel. It’s an elegant expression of love and the wearer’s individuality. Every last detail of the design and the gems reflects your style. The final result is a perfect blend of craftsmanship and storytelling.

What will your Jewellery say about you?

A clients View

“I chose David based on his reviews and I was not disappointed. He listened to what I wanted and using his experience and knowledge he improved my original idea. Together we came up with a design for a unique necklace for my wife for our 10th anniversary that she treasures. Thank you David”

Andrew G 

Pear-sapphire-and-diamond necklace

Let's Chat

David Law’s bespoke creations start with a virtual design consultation. He will sit with you and take the time to listen, explore your ideas and aspirations for your piece, inspire you with his ideas and explain in detail how his design process works.

By taking the time to understand your preferences and requirements for this new commission, David can guarantee that he will make the Jewellery of your dreams.

Calls are available seven days a week at a time that works for you

The call is free and without any obligations

Make it bespoke with a jewellery piece crafted for your taste, desires and budget.


You can bring along any images or design inspirations you already have, and if you don’t have fixed ideas, David will inspire you to get your creative juices flowing.


Heading to his design studio David will create a choice of three-dimensional, unique designs developed from your discussions. You will then collaborate to perfect.


Moving to the 3D printer, David will create your chosen designs to see, feel and wear together with your stones. Allowing you to select your preferred option confidently.

Ethically sourced diamonds

David will explain in detail the diamond 4Cs ( cut, colour, carat and clarity ) and give you an honest comparison between lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds.

And he will handpick all his proposed GIA Certificated diamonds that will never exceed the agreed budget, and you will wear them in your printed Jewellery to decide confidently.

bespoke-Jewellery-loose diamond

Exquisite coloured gemstones​​

Coloured gemstones do not have the same grading system as diamonds, but what sets them apart is that each stone is unique, with an incredible choice of colours and shapes, making them perfect for your bespoke piece.

David only works with the finest gems that he will handpick for you to see and try in your Jewellery, and he will advise and help you pick the suitable stone for your bespoke piece and, most importantly, lifestyle.

Bespoke designs - your stones

Let David explore the possibilities of incorporating a family heirloom, a stone you have purchased on your travel, into your new jewellery piece, making it even more special as you keep the old memories alive.


Hatton Garden is the pinnacle of handcrafted Jewellery​

David association with Hatton Garden spans over four decades. He is very proud that his workshop remains there and that his team of highly skilled goldsmiths will meticulously begin handcrafting your Jewellery. Nothing is more special than knowing that David has made your Jewellery on the world’s most iconic Jewellery street.

Your invitation into the World of David Law's Bespoke Jewellery Get in touch to chat about a commission or to ask a question


bespoke-jewellery-diamond-engagement ring

Bespoke Engagement Rings

A David Law bespoke engagement ring will bring your vision to life with a ring that will be as unique as you.

Jewellery Remodelling

Jewellery remodelling allows you to explore incorporating a family heirloom into your bespoke design, keeping those special memories alive.

Wax Ring Proposal

Propose with a temporary engagement ring set with your chosen stone and a wax model of the bespoke ring you helped design. Finish the ring together.

Bespoke Wedding Rings

Everything is possible when you choose bespoke wedding rings, unique designs, Fit around your engagement ring and a matching pair.

Bespoke Eternity Rings

Inspire, design, create and cherish David’s bespoke eternity rings are designed to celebrate life’s special moments: anniversaries, birthdays, and new babies.


Bespoke Dress Rings

You can create a statement dress ring with stunning gemstones and diamonds with bespoke.

Bespoke Earrings

You can create Studs, drops, hoop earrings with diamonds, gemstones and diamonds with bespoke.

bespoke-jewellery diamond-pendant

Bespoke Pendants

You can create a pendant to match an existing piece or as a statement piece with bespoke.

Bespoke Jewellery-cufflinks

Bespoke Cufflinks

You can create a statement dress ring with stunning gemstones and diamonds with bespoke.

Jewellery Designer David Law

couple designing bespoke jewellery

My mission is to offer a genuinely personal service. I have no stock to sell or affiliations, so you can trust my expert help and the independent advice that I will provide.

I create my Custom-Made Jewellery without compromise. As one of Hatton Garden’s most experienced Master Jewellers, I offer excellent technical skills and a creative instinct. And I will provide expert advice on choosing the materials best for your design, lifestyle and budget.

David Law, Your Personal Jeweller

One of London’s most experienced bespoke jewellery designers and makers


emerald and diamond ring and waxes
  • An initial choice of six unique jewellery designs for you to view and amend as required in stunning 3D
  • There is no limit to the number of changes you can make.
  • Wax models of your designs for you to try on with your stones.
  • Selection of sustainably sourced GIA-certificated natural diamonds, Lab-Grown diamonds and coloured gemstones
  • Designed by David and handcrafted at his workshop in Hatton Garden.
  • David can create remotely and then meet in London or come to you. 

Let's Chat

David is on-hand to answer your questions or discuss commissioning a bespoke piece.

Arrange a Zoom virtual consultation or home visit, or see him in person at his Studio close to Bond Street Station, London. You will receive a one-to-one personal service as you explore creating your bespoke jewellery piece with David.

Reach David through: 0800 024 8940