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Designed and crafted together, with expert London jeweller, David Law

David Law - Your Personal Jeweller. Bespoke Jewellery London.
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Bespoke Jewellery, Hatton Garden, London

London bespoke jeweller, David Law,  specialises in creating with his client's stunningly beautiful Bespoke Jewellery designed to be everything you imagined it to be.

Your Personal Jeweller

David focuses on his client, discovering more about them and what they are looking to achieve, then helping, advising and working in partnership to transform ideas into handcrafted bespoke jewellery creations to cherish.

A love for Jewellery Design

David first discovered his love and passion for jewellery design in the early ’80s and his five-year apprenticeship in London’s iconic and most famous jewellery street, Hatton Garden quickly followed.

He has been immersed in the world of  luxury jewellery and providing a personal service to his client ever since.

Your free Consultation

You can meet with David in person at locations across London on a day and time that works best for you –  you can connect online via Skype or call 0800 024 8940 to ask a question.

Bespoke Engagement Rings

The time you spend with David creating your bespoke engagement ring will be an exciting and rewarding experience.

Bespoke Wedding Rings

Every marriage is different and every person is unique, so why should your  rings be the same as someone else’s?

Jewellery Remodelling

Remodel your old jewellery, diamonds and gemstones into a beautiful new bespoke piece of modern jewellery.

Bepoke Jewellery

Bespoke jewellery should be stunningly beautiful, unique, original, one of a kind and designed just for you.

Bespoke Wedding Jewellery London

Bespoke Jewellery For Every Stage Of Your Relationship

Uniquely handcrafted engagement rings, matching and fitted wedding rings, pendants, earrings and eternity rings are the ultimate symbols of enduring love.

Bespoke Wedding Jewellery Is A Discerning Choice

The day you get engaged, and the day you get married are among the most important days of your life. And the jewellery that symbolises these occasions is just as valuable.

When you have individual style and taste, you don’t want to wear (or give) wedding jewellery that is the same as someone else’s. READ MORE

18ct white gold bespoke wedding jewellery

Jewellery Remodelling London

If you own jewellery that you that you no longer wish to wear in its existing form but want to create something modern and wearable, or have Inherited jewellery, but it doesn’t match your style and taste, then David Law’s jewellery remodelling service is the perfect solution.

Expert Remodelling Jewellery Designer David Law

David Law has a wealth of experience in bringing old jewellery and heirlooms back to life; remodelling jewellery is an excellent way of resurrecting memories in the form of stylish 21st-century jewellery that you will love to wear or give as a gift. READ MORE

Jewellery Remodelling Before Picture | David Law Jewellery
Jewellery Remodelling After Picture | David Law Jewellery

Bespoke Jewellery London

Bespoke jewellery should be stunningly beautiful and personally designed to be everything you imagined it to be.

Whether you are looking to design a unique engagement ring, wedding rings, eternity ring, dress ring, pendant, earrings, cufflinks, wedding jewellery or remodel an existing piece, London jeweller David Law will be delighted to help you.

David offers a very personal design experience bringing together his traditional manufacturing roots with modern 3D technology which not only has made bespoke jewellery affordable, but it allows you to be part of the creation of your jewellery piece from start to finish. READ MORE

David Working with CAD and finished ring displayed | David LAw


We wanted to write to you to thank you for all of your amazing help in getting our ring designed and made under tight conditions for our trip to New York last weekend. As you can see from the photos attached it looks amazing and we are so thrilled with it. I hope that you are well and we will be in touch for wedding rings.

A massive thank you David from us both making my abstract thoughts into reality, you are brave man for accepting and delivering the challenge the results are perfect. You should be proud I am not easily pleased.

Contact David Law

Find Out How David Law Can Create Bespoke Jewellery That Is Unique To You Or Your Partner

Contact David today to find out how he can create bespoke jewellery that is unique to you or your partner and at a price that meets your budget. Call David now on 0800 024 8940 or fill in our contact form.

  • Friendly and Informal

    Call or Email David now for a friendly, informal chat about your bespoke jewellery options.

  • No Obligation

    David will explain your options and the design process with no hard selling and no obligation.

  • Bespoke Does Not Mean Expensive

    Find out how bespoke jewellery is not usually any more expensive than ready-made jewellery on the high street.

  • Higher Quality, Unique Style

    David will explain how the end result is a piece or jewellery that is of superior quality, and a design that is completely unique to you.

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