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Bespoke Engagement rings are unique and original designs that are a real one-off, reflect the intended wearer's personality and style and are entirely personal to you. There is nothing more romantic than presenting your loved one with a ring that can't be found or seen on anyone else's finger and that you have helped to design.


Whether you have a clear vision of the engagement ring design, you would like or need a little inspiration to get started; I can help guide and advise you. I am David Law, an engagement ring designer-maker with decades of experience. I will inspire and walk you through all the possible options for your custom made engagement ring.


I have the most extensive collection of past commissioned engagement rings created from my 3D printer to try on and inspire you further to get those creative juices flowing.


Make your bespoke engagement ring even more personal by incorporating a family heirloom into your design and keep the memories of a loved one alive in a modern ring that matches your style.


Diamonds And Gemstones

I offer a selection of handpicked GIA Certificated diamonds, Canadian diamonds, the finest coloured gemstones and help you choose the perfect stone to complement your design and respect the budget.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds are growing in popularity and come with either GIA or IGI certificates. There are many reasons for choosing Lab-Grown over a mined diamond, and I will help you decide which one is right for you.

Fair-trade gold engagement ring

Fair-Trade Gold

The Fairtrade standard is the world's first independent ethical system for gold protecting miners working conditions, and the protection of the environment.


Remote jewellery Designing

Remotely connect. I can offer guidance and insight and the full bespoke engagement ring design process from the comfort of your home

Wimpole Street design studio

Book a bespoke engagement ring design consultation at your home to discuss your ideas or meet with me at my London studio



Everyone has different ways of doing things. For creating my bespoke engagement rings, I use a Collaborative Design Process. With my unique design experience, you will be involved in creating your ring throughout so that you can be confident that your finished custom-made engagement ring will be precisely how you imagined it to be.

Discuss your ring ideas: We'll chat about the style of engagement ring you would like, and I will inspire you with my thoughts and ideas. We'll discuss diamonds, coloured gemstones and precious metals.

Cost estimate: Once I have a vision of what you want, I can provide you with a cost estimate for the ring, with an outline for the commission.

Let's go for it! The next stage is the most exciting! I'll go away and produce an initial six unique ring designs based on what we have discussed for you to view in 3d CAD.

Feedback: Our collaboration now come in. I will ask you for your thoughts on the initial designs and continue the designs based on your feedback. We will then continue this process until we have something that works for you.

Next Steps: Once we have gone through the collaborative process, I will produce your ring designs from my 3D printer to try on with your stones to choose your prefered engagement ring.



Once you've finalised your ring and stone choices, I will finish it by hand in a traditional way in my Hatton Garden workshop. And my diamond setters, who have generations of experience, will set your chosen stones..


Finally, I will send your ring for hallmarking. The inside of your ring will feature a series of stamps indicating metal type, year of manufacture, my Company mark and a London assay mark.

Bespoke Engagement ring big reveal

The Big Reveal

That's it. Your one-off bespoke engagement ring is ready for me to present to you in a presentation box together with an illustrated storybook mapping out your incredible design journey.


There is nothing more special than proposing with a bespoke engagement ring you helped to design, but what if your partner does not like your choice of design?

My unique wax proposal has this covered. Propose with a temporary ring set with your chosen gem and the wax ring of the design you have created, then finish the actual engagement ring together


Browse a small selection of my past commission in my Bespoke Engagement Ring Gallery to gain some inspiration to start your own unique design.

Over the years, I have created a wide variety of challenging and exciting bespoke engagement ring commissions, reflecting my clients' diversity.


How much do bespoke engagement rings cost?

The style, precious metals, and your choice of diamonds and gemstones will affect the cost of your bespoke ring. Today, a custom made engagement ring combining traditional manufacturing with 3D CAD costs less than you would imagine, with prices starting upwards from £1,500

How long does the bespoke process take?

Although I have worked to very tight schedules, typically a bespoke engagement ring takes from design to handcrafting about three to four weeks.

Made in Britain

I design from my studio in Hertfordshire, and Handcraft, all of my bespoke engagement, rings in my workshop in London's world-famous and iconic Hatton Garden.

Can I use a family heirloom or my gemstones in my design?

YES. Remodelling a family heirloom, a sentimental jewellery piece or stones you have purchased on your travels into your bespoke engagement ring makes it even more unique personal and exclusive to you while keeping the old memories alive.

Is there a charge for the first consultation?

The first exploratory consultation is free and without any obligation to buy. During the coronavirus social distancing measures,  I can provide a consultation online via Skype or ZOOM or with a home garden visit.

What if I don't know what ring design I want?

Don't worry, many of my clients don't have a clear idea of precisely what they're looking for when they come to see me. As a designer, I will inspire you and will walk you through all the options asking you lots of questions that will help me create a list of design ideas to explore with you.

How much deposit do I have to pay?

My Initial deposit is £250 covering the creation of up to six unique ring design. Changes you would like to make. 3D printing of your designs and a choice of hand-picked gems. Once you have made your final choices, I will ask you to bring the deposit up to 50% with the balance on completion.

Is there any aftercare?

Yes, I will invite you back once a year for your ring to be checked and cleaned.

Book A Design Consultation

Arrange a Zoom virtual consultation or home visit, or come and see me in person at my studio close to Bond Street Station, London. I aim to respond to appointment booking emails within 1 hour..

You will receive a one to one personal service as we explore creating your very own bespoke jewellery piece.

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