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Capture your unique love story with a bespoke engagement ring designed and handcrafted especially for you

David Law

Engagement Ring Designer

As a bespoke engagement ring designer-maker, my job is to interpret my client's ideas and develop them into a series of design concepts and wax ring models before handcrafting the chosen ring in my London's Hatton Garden workshop.



Bespoke Engagement rings are unique and original designs that are a real one-off, reflect the intended wearer's personality and style and are entirely personal to you.

There is nothing more romantic than presenting your loved one with a ring that can't be found or seen on anyone else's finger, and that you have helped to design.

Today, by incorporating Computer-Aided Design (3D CAD) techniques into the design process, not only can you see and wear before you buy but a bespoke ring costs less than you think.

bespoke engagement ring design process
Design your own engagement ring



Your first design consultation is free and without any obligation to proceed. You'll see how my design process works, look at diamonds, coloured gemstones, and precious metals best suited to your skin tones and way of life.

We'll discuss and expand your ideas; I will inspire you with my thoughts and look at past commissions to generate the inspiration to start the design process.

Go Virtual - Create With David

Book a video consultation with master Jeweller and designer David Law and start creating a one-of-a-kind engagement ring made just for you


for your inspiration view some of my previous work


Once I have a clear idea of the style of rings you would like to see I will set about in my design studio, creating a series of six one-offs, engagement ring designs for you to view and admire in stunning and realistic 3D.

We'll then collaborate to perfect the ring designs ready for the next stage of your design journey.

I will print your chosen designs from the 3D printer allowing you to see and wear along with your diamond(s) or coloured gemstones enabling you to select your ring design with complete confidence and peace of mind.

Once you've finalised your ring choice, I will send your 3D file for casting and then finish your ring for you by hand in a traditional way in my Hatton Garden workshop.

Your chosen gemstones and diamonds are then set by hand by my expert diamond setters who have generations of experience in the industry.

Finally, I will send your ring for hallmarking which certifies its metal fineness. The inside of your ring will feature a series of stamps. Indicating the metal type, the year of its production, my Company sponsor mark and a London assay mark.

diamond setter setting an engagement ring

What my clients say



Want to propose with a ring you have helped design but would like your partner to have the final say? Then my exclusive wax engagement ring proposal is right for you. Propose with your choose gem set into a temporary engagement ring alongside a wax model of the ring you helped design, then finish the final ring design together.



With a custom made engagement ring, you could consider incorporating a family heirloom into your design or remodelling the existing ring into a style that matches your taste, making it even more personal and unique.

remodelling a family heir loom into a new engagement ring
pink tourmaline gemstone engagement ring



White and natural coloured diamonds will always occupy a special place in the world of the engagement ring. The modern woman is feeling much more adventurous. Some for ethical reason are choosing lab-grown diamonds or moissanite. But the most significant increase is in gemstone engagement rings.

The hardest gemstone and the most popular is the Sapphires that come not just in blue but in an array of stunning colours yellow, purple, pink orange and green, followed by the ruby. But there are many more stunning gemstones that I can propose to you for your consideration.

three ways to design your bespoke jewellery

while observing Social distancing in line with the UK Government’s recommendations.

Virtual design consultations with David (via Zoom, Skype or Whats App can easily be arranged. This bespoke one-to-one service will enable you to share ideas and see your dreams come alive in stunning 3D.

Home design consultations can be arranged with David. Bringing his laptop and a selection of wax models to inspire you. You can discuss ideas and design your jewellery in incredible 3D without leaving your home.

Wimpole Street in the heart of London is the perfect place to meet and design your bespoke jewellery. Meet with David to discuss your design ideas in his COVID secure offices or in the beautiful outdoor gardens

SINCE 1980


I have four decades of experience as an engagement ring designer and maker in London's famous Hatton Garden. And I am a pioneer in combining traditional manufacturing with the latest 3D (CAD) technology so you can have the confidence that I will be able to interpret your ideas and develop them with you into a stunning unique engagement ring.

My custom made engagement rings are tailor-made to your requirements, combining unparalleled beauty with expert craftsmanship. You will work exclusively with me, receive expert help, advice and personal service throughout the design process.

engagement ring designer david law
Hatton garden engagement ring



I am incredibly proud that every bespoke engagement ring I produce is meticulously handcrafted to the most beautiful detail in my Hatton Garden workshop. There is something extraordinary in having an engagement ring handcrafted in Hatton Garden, the world's most famous jewellery street.

And finally, every bespoke engagement ring that I make come in a presentation ring box alongside a complimentary illustrated storybook that maps out how together we made your unique ring.


How much do bespoke engagement rings cost?

My bespoke engagement rings start from about £1500, but you can spend considerably more than this. The price depends on many factors, but mainly on the characteristics of the gems, you select for your custom ring.

How long does the bespoke process take?

Although I have worked to very tight schedules, typically a bespoke engagement ring takes from design to handcrafting about three to four weeks.

What if I don't Live in London?

Many of my clients live outside of London, so I am very experienced in working with clients via Zoom. You still receive exceptional service and a bespoke ring that you'll cherish forever.

Can I use a family heirloom or my gemstones in my design?

YES. Remodelling a family heirloom, a sentimental jewellery piece or stones you have purchased on your travels into your bespoke engagement ring makes it even more unique personal and exclusive to you while keeping the old memories alive. Engagement ring settings start from about £750

Is there a charge for the first consultation?

The first exploratory consultation is free and without any obligation to buy. During the coronavirus social distancing measures,  I can provide a consultation online via Skype or ZOOM or with a home garden visit.

What if I don't know what ring design I want?

Don't worry, many of my clients don't have a clear idea of precisely what they're looking for when they come to see me. As a designer, I will inspire you and will walk you through all the options asking you lots of questions that will help me create a list of design ideas to explore with you.

How much deposit do I have to pay?

My Initial deposit is £250 covering the creation of up to six unique ring design. Changes you would like to make. 3D printing of your designs and a choice of hand-picked gems. Once you have made your final choices, I will ask you to bring the deposit up to 50% with the balance on completion.

Is there any aftercare?

Yes, I will invite you back once a year for your ring to checked and cleaned.

Book a FREE exploratory design consultation

Three ways to meet David

Work one-on-one with David Law and explore all your options for creating your very own bespoke jewellery piece.

From his Wimpole Steet Studio close to Bond Street Station.

With a home visit, if you live around the M25.

Alternatively arrange a Virtual design consultation via Zoom, Skype or Whatsup.

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