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Bespoke Engagement Rings Unique To You

Choosing a bespoke (custom made) engagement ring allows you to design and have made, an engagement ring that is unique to you, a real one-off, and with new technology, mixed with traditional craftsmanship, it is now surprisingly affordable.

From your initial Free Consultation to the handcrafting of your unique engagement ring in David's London Hatton Garden, London workshop, you will be part of a fantastic bespoke jewellery design journey controlling your ring design at all stages and the price you will pay.

Whether you are overflowing with design ideas or are looking for some inspiration, David is an expert in helping his clients achieve the exact ring design they are looking to have custom made.

"I Enjoy working closely with my clients to create truly unique and timeless pieces, either by developing an idea together or working to a specific ring design."

Bespoke Engagement Rings
create your own engagement ring with designer David Law

One Of Hatton Garden's Most Experienced Goldsmiths

David is one of Hatton Garden's most experienced engagement ring designers and maker with over 35 years of experience.

His pursuit of perfection in the personal service he offers and in every piece he makes will leave you assured that all of his jewellery is made to the highest possible standard and will last for generations

Innovator And Personal Jeweller

David was at the forefront of introducing 3D Computer-aided design ( CAD ) and 3D printing into the jewellery design process.

By bringing together his traditional manufacturing roots with modern-day technology, creating bespoke jewellery has become affordable and available to all those who wish to create a unique one-off custom made engagement ring without paying a price premium over a ready-made ring.

Find Out More About Bespoke

Contact David Law today to ask him any questions you may have about the jewellery design process, and find out how he can create with you a unique engagement ring meeting your design aspirations and all important budget.

Locations available across London and Online with Skype seven days a week

The Design Process

You will be involved in the design process from start to finish of your bespoke ring creation. You can provide David with any images, sketches or ideas that you might have.

What if I don’t Have an exact design in mind?

That is not a problem at all. David has created thousands of different bespoke engagement ring styles over the years and will share his experiences and a vast portfolio of past commissions with you for added inspiration.

At your first meeting, David will ask you lots of questions about the wearer, their style likes and dislikes, you will discuss precious metals and gemstones so that he can get an understanding of what styles you and your partner are looking to achieve.

your personal jeweller david law with client
a collection of bespoke engagement rings

See and Wear Your Ring Design Before You Buy

Precious Metals

David will discuss with you your various precious metals options helping you decide whether yellow, red, white gold or platinum would work best with your chosen stones, skin tone, lifestyle, and any jewellery pieces you already wear.

Choice of unique ring designs

With the design brief in hand, David will set about creating a choice of unique ring designs for you to see in stunning 3D on the big screen, you will then work together to perfect your preferred ring designs.

Wear your 3D printed ring designs

Your designs will then be brought to life from the in-house 3D printer for you to see and wear. You can even lay your stone into the wax settings so that you get a complete feel of how the finished ring will look and feel.

GIA Certificated Diamonds And Gemstones

David can source a vast variety of gemstones, from beautiful white, natural pinks, yellows and black diamonds all certified by GIA to stunning blue sapphires to name just a few. With his extensive knowledge within this field David can help you find something special and unique.

Will you work with my own stones?

If you have already purchased your gemstone(s) and are looking to create a unique engagement ring setting, David is more than happy to work with you. You will receive the same level of care and personal service, ring design options, wax rings to try on and at the end of the design process a beautiful handcrafted engagement ring.

Prices for engagement ring settings start from £750

Working with a family heirloom

Using a family heirloom is an excellent way to create an engagement ring or wedding ring entwining your family history into the story of your modern day romance? You can just imagine how special that would be!

white, pink, yellow and blue natural diamonds
engagement ring settings with clients diamond
a collection of coloured gemstones
engagement ring created from a family heirloom

Start Designing Your Custom Engagement Ring

Contact David Law today to ask him any questions you may have and find out how he can design a bespoke ring that fits within your budget is unique to you and is superior in quality to those you will find in a ready-made engagement ring.

Locations available across London and Online with Skype seven days a week

The wax engagement proposal ring

The Wax Engagement Proposal Ring

Every great proposal starts with the perfect engagement ring but what if your fiancee does not like your choice of design?

With the wax proposal ring, you will propose with a temporary ring set with your chosen diamond or gemstone alongside a wax ring of the design you created just for her, this way your fiancee can come back with you and you can finish the final ring design together whilst she has a ring on her finger. Read More

Handcrafted And Made In Hatton Garden, London

David works with great skill and attention to detail, creating each of his engagement ring creations by hand with microscopic accuracy at his Hatton Garden workshop.

Illustrated Storybook

When your handcrafted engagement ring is ready, David will present it to you alongside a complimentary illustrated storybook that maps out the design journey you’ve shared. The storybook is included at no extra charge and creates a lasting memory of your creative experience.

Happy couple celebrating their proposal with a bespoke diamond engagement ring



Choosing a bespoke engagement ring allows you to create a ring as unique as your fiancee to be and to be creative with your design.

You could consider including elements of your first holiday as a couple, or something from your lives and loves such as s family heirloom.

The possibilities are endless when you choose a bespoke ring.


The simple answer is a bespoke ring won’t cost you any more than buying an equivalent quality ready-made ring on the high street.

By choosing to design your perfect ring, you will you be in complete control of the design and the final price that you will pay.

Bespoke Engagement rings start from about £1,500


Typically David’s bespoke rings take three to four weeks to design and make.

However if you are working to a deadline and you notify David from the outset he will do his upmost to accommodate you.


David can offer you the same one two one personal service and design experience where ever you reside.

See your design created from the comfort of your home or office with Skype video calls.

Engagement Rings Come In Many Different Styles

The top five most popular Styles of Engagement Ring Settings are:


1, Diamond Solitaire - the favoured option for many reasons with the Tiffany six-prong the most famous.

2, Pave Settings – for those who like a continuous sparkle. ...

3, Trilogy (that represents the past, present and future) and Three Stone Rings – a way to introduce a mix of diamonds and gemstones. ...

4, Halo Rings – a centre stone surrounded by a halo of small diamonds or coloured gemstones that enhance the centre stone. ...

5, Bezel Setting – a fine edge of metal surrounds the diamonds and gemstones giving a catch-free finish.


When choosing the bespoke option not only can mix various styles but different eras too as you create your unique ring design.

Classic Engagement Ring

Classic Ring Settings

A style of engagement ring that you will find in almost every jewellery shop you walk into or view online. A classic setting does not mean basic and boring, these rings are versatile, timeless and work well with a variety of different gemstones, shapes of stone, and precious metals, the style may even overlap into more unusual vintage or contemporary ring settings.

Three Stone Engagement Ring

Three Stone Engagement Ring

There are many forms of three stone ring from a trilogy ring with three equal stone sizes to represent the past, present and future, three stone with a larger centre stone and two complimentary outside stones; three stone rings with a different shape centre stones or outside stone, you even mix diamonds with coloured gemstones.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire Engagement Ring

A solitaire ring is a single stone ring (sometimes with diamonds embellished in the band) these rings are all about showing off the diamond. Typically these rings have four or six claw, or if you go for a contemporary style solitaire you chose a mixture of the different setting styles.

Halo Engagement Ring

Halo Engagement Ring

A halo engagement ring has a centre diamond surrounded by a circle of smaller diamonds alternatively you choose a coloured gemstone in the centre or on the outside, and if you are looking for the ultimate bling, you could pick a double halo engagement ring.

Twist Engagement Ring

Twist Engagement Ring

The twist engagement ring bands have become very popular in recent years and are an excellent way to give a solitaire ring setting a contemporary update.

Contemporary Styled Engagement Rings

Contemporary Engagement Rings

The sky is the limit when it comes to a modern engagement ring design. Contemporary engagement rings allow you to mix various eras styles and become very artistic.

Bezel Set Engagement Ring

Bezel Engagement Ring

A bezel set engagement ring is where a stone is surrounded by a ring of metal it is incredibly smooth and is ideal for those who are Doctors, Dentists and Teachers.

Coloured Stone Engagement Ring

Coloured Stone Engagement Ring

Gorgeous coloured stone engagement rings cover a wealth of engagement ring styles can be set on there own or in combination with diamonds. Sapphire and diamond engagement rings are the most popular but be wary of softer stones such as Tanzanite and Emeralds. 

Tension Set Engagement Ring

Tension Set Engagement Rings

Is a style of a ring where the diamond is floating  in the middle of a band, they can  be a great way to show off a spectacular stone, here in the UK because of the hallmarking act it is difficult to create a real tension set ring so seek expert advice if this is your preferred setting.

Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring

Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

The term vintage engagement ring is used in conversation, but without a defined meaning, most use the term Vintage to mean a new ring inspired from a style from an older era.

Caltic Engagement Rings

Celtic Engagement Rings

Celtic rings are often called Celtic wedding rings or Claddagh Rings. The earliest rings were made of gold and showed two hands coming together. Today using the Celtic symbol has become increasing popular in engagement rings.

Personalised Engagement Ring

Personalised Engagement Rings

A personal favourite is a personalised engagement ring; you can become very creative with your ring design perhaps by adding elements from your first holiday as a couple, something from your lives and loves, birthstone and engravings.

Start Your Engagement Ring Design

Contact David Law today to ask him any questions you may have and find out how he can design a bespoke ring that fits within your budget unique to you and  is superior in quality to those you will find in a ready-made engagement ring.

Locations available across London and Online with Skype seven days a week


We wanted to write to you to thank you for all of your amazing help in getting our ring designed and made under tight conditions for our trip to New York last weekend. As you can see from the photos attached it looks amazing and we are so thrilled with it. I hope that you are well and we will be in touch for wedding rings.

A massive thank you David from us both making my abstract thoughts into reality, you are brave man for accepting and delivering the challenge the results are perfect. You should be proud I am not easily pleased.


If you'd like to create bespoke jewellery that's entirely personal and unique to you, then Davids bespoke jewellery design service is the perfect way to bring your ideas to life. Call David now on 0800 024 8940 to find out more.

  • Friendly and Informal

    Email: with any sketches, ideas or photographs you might have.

  • Free No Obligation Consultation

    David will explain your options and the design process so you can decide if a bespoke ring is right for you.

  • Surprisingly Affordable

    Prices for a diamond bespoke engagement ring starts from £1,500
    Prices for a bespoke engagement ring setting starts from £750

  • Location Across London

    Meet David at Locations across London or on Skype seven days a week at a time that works best for you

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