Experience Bespoke Engagement Rings London designer David Law’s 40 years of hands-on personal service, artistry, traditional craftsmanship, innovative 3D design and printing.

Crafting unique and exclusive engagement rings that silently narrate your love story.

designing a bespoke engagement ring

Discover the unmatched allure of a bespoke engagement ring by London's renowned designer, David Law.

Your ring design journey starts with a complimentary discovery call, paving the way to unveiling your extraordinary, handcrafted engagement ring. 

Experience unparalleled personal service from David, whose mission transcends the ordinary: to forge an unmistakably one-of-a-kind ring.

Whether drawing inspiration from a curated collection of exclusive ring designs or refining your vision, David guarantees a ring that embodies your unique love story. Book A Discovery Call

David’s Unique Engagement Ring Begins With A Fine Gem

David offers a curated selection of exquisite coloured gemstones and natural or lab-grown diamonds that meet your aspirations and budget.

His expert guidance ensures that selecting your perfect gem is an enlightening experience.

This personal approach highlights his commitment to excellence and emphasises his dedication to educating you throughout the creation of your dream ring.

bespoke Engagement ring London designer david law
Bespoke engagement ring yellow sapphire and diamond engagement ring

Bringing Your Bespoke Ring to Life in Stunning 3D

Experience the magic of creation with David Law as your ring design transitions from concept to reality with unparalleled 3D precision.

David invites you into a collaborative design process, offering a selection of engagement ring models to refine and perfect together. 

The innovation continues as you wear models of your rings crafted from the 3D printer and set with your chosen gems, allowing you to visualise and adjust your design in real life.

London Bespoke Engagement Rings: Affordable Luxury

With the flexibility to tailor every detail, from the design to the stones and metals, David Law empowers you to craft a bespoke ring that mirrors your unique style and respects your budget.

This personal approach highlights David’s commitment to excellence.

It emphasises his dedication to educating you throughout creating your dream bespoke engagement ring that will exceed your expectations in beauty and craftsmanship. Book A Complimentary Discovery Call

3D printed bespoke engagement ring london designed

Your Bespoke Engagement Ring Crafted in Hatton Garden Awaits

Ready with ideas or seeking guidance? Start with a complimentary Discovery Call. David is here to shape your vision into the perfect ring.

Experience bespoke luxury precisely tailored to you.

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The Wax Ring Proposal

With David’s innovative ‘wax ring proposal,‘ you can create and propose an engagement ring you co-designed printed from the 3D printer and a temporary ring set with your chosen stone.

Returning to the studio to finish the ring together, ensuring it perfectly reflects your shared vision.

remodelled bespoke engagement ring

Bespoke Engagement Rings London Remodelling

You can elevate your bespoke engagement ring experience by integrating a cherished family heirloom into a contemporary design.

This transformative process ensures your unique engagement ring reflects your individuality and carries the sentimental value of your family’s legacy.

The Four-Step Journey of London Engagement Ring Design

Gemstone Mastery: Crafting Beauty with Exquisite Stones

exquisite coloured blue, yellow and pink sapphires and ruby gemstones

Gemstone Mastery: Crafting Beauty with Exquisite Stones

The journey of each bespoke ring begins with a carefully chosen gemstone. David selects each for its radiant beauty and individual character, ensuring it becomes the captivating centrepiece of your ring.

showing a loose natural diamond with tweezers

Exceptional Natural Diamonds: A Cut Above

David’s selection of natural diamonds transcends the usual criteria. He seeks out ethically sourced GIA-certified diamonds, each with its own rare and unparalleled traits.

showing a loose lab-grown diamond and certificate

Lab-Grown Diamonds: A Sustainable Choice

Recognising the rising trend of lab-grown diamonds, David provides detailed advice to help you make a conscious choice that embraces sustainability and ethical practices.

Create your London Designed Bespoke Engagement Ring

Book a 30-minute complimentary discovery call with me today to explore your options.

Ethical Policy of David Law, 'Your Personal Jeweller'

At David Law, ‘Your Personal Jeweller’, we are deeply committed to ethical practices in every aspect of our business. We strictly adhere to a zero-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds, ensuring all the diamonds we propose are responsibly sourced from conflict-free zones.

We proudly offer Fairtrade gold, the world’s first independently certified ethical system for gold. This option, available upon request, safeguards miners’ working conditions, promotes environmental protection, and supports responsible gold mining communities. Your bespoke creation can symbolise love and a testament to ethical and sustainable choices.

image of Hatton Garden street sign and a diamond rose gold ring

What my clients are saying

couple showing off their bespoke engagement rings

Book A Design Discovery Call

Embark on the distinctive Hatton Garden Bespoke Engagement Rings London journey with David Law. Begin with a complimentary Discovery Call to explore your vision.

Book Your Complimentary Discovery Call Now – Let's Craft Your Dream Ring Together.



How much do bespoke engagement rings cost?

The style, precious metals, and your choice of diamonds and gemstones will affect the cost of your bespoke ring. Today, a custom made engagement ring combining traditional manufacturing with 3D CAD costs less than you would imagine, with prices starting upwards from £1,500


How long does the bespoke process take?

Although I have worked to tight schedules, a bespoke engagement ring typically takes three to four weeks from design to handcrafting.


Made in Britain

I design from my studio in Hertfordshire, and Handcraft, all of my bespoke engagement, rings in my workshop in London's world-famous and iconic Hatton Garden.


Can I use a family heirloom or my gemstones in my design?

YES. Remodelling a family heirloom, a sentimental jewellery piece or stones you have purchased on your travels into your bespoke engagement ring makes it even more unique personal and exclusive to you while keeping the old memories alive.


Is there a charge for the first consultation?

The first exploratory consultation is free and without any obligation to buy. During the coronavirus social distancing measures, I can provide a consultation online via Skype or ZOOM or a home visit.


What if I don't know what ring design I want?

Don't worry; many of my clients don't know what they're looking for when they see me. As a designer, I will inspire you and walk you through all the options, asking you lots of questions that will help me create a list of design ideas to explore.


How much deposit do I have to pay?

My Initial deposit is £250 covering the creation of up to six unique ring designs. Changes you would like to make. 3D printing of your designs and a choice of hand-picked gems. Once you have made your final choices, I will ask you to bring the deposit up to 50% with the balance on completion.


Is there any aftercare?

Yes, I will invite you back once a year for your ring to be checked and cleaned.

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