Jewellery Remodelling

Remodel your precious heirlooms, old jewellery, diamonds and gemstones

Jewellery Remodelling

Remodel pre-loved jewellery to add 21st century appeal

If you own jewellery that you that you no longer wish to wear in its existing form but want to create something modern and wearable, or have Inherited jewellery, but it doesn’t match your style and taste, then David Law’s jewellery remodelling service is the perfect solution.

Expert remodelling  jewellery designer David Law

David Law has a wealth of experience in bringing old jewellery and heirlooms back to life; remodelling jewellery is an excellent way of resurrecting memories in the form of stylish 21st-century jewellery that you will love to wear or give as a gift.

And here’s an excellent idea. Why not use a family heirloom to create an engagement or wedding ring that entwines your family history into the story of your romance? You can just imagine how special that would be!


The perfect setting for any gemstones

If you own dated jewellery that contains beautiful stones, or you’ve bought a lovely loose gemstone home from your travels, David Law will create the perfect setting to show the stones off in a style that is right for you. 

Re-using precious metal

David can re-use as part of the remodelling process your precious metal, or you can choose a new alloy if that suits you better.

An alternative to selling old rings

You don’t need to sell your rings even after a marriage or engagement has ended. David Law will remodel them into a new design that retains or even increases their value, and represents your new life.

Modernise your jewellery through remodelling

Any piece of jewellery has creative potential, no matter how old-fashioned it may seem at first. Why not bring your design ideas and work with David to remodel it in a modern way that reflects your personality, while retaining the unique memories that were attached to the original.

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“Took my ideas and made them into some more beautiful than I had hoped for. Incredibly happy with the service! Thank you”

Susan Palese

“I could not have asked for a better experience than working with David to create my bespoke ring. He was able to take a diamond that had special meaning to me, incorporate my ideas and come up with something that was a blend of all those aspects”

thank you Lily
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