Remodelling Your Precious Heirlooms, Old Jewellery And Gemstones


Jewellery remodelling allows you to create something modern and wearable from a family heirloom or a jewellery piece you no longer wear. Working exclusively with Master Jeweller David Law, he can reuse materials, gemstones and diamonds, which is good for the environment, whilst using the essence of the original piece as your inspiration for something new.

remodelling a family heirloom ring

Preserving the old creating the new

Jewellery remodelling offers you the perfect opportunity to keep those precious memories and family history alive, whilst giving them a fresh new lease of life in a bespoke piece that reflects your own style.

Even the most dated items of jewellery can be transformed into stunning, contemporary-looking pieces with a little imagination and creative flair. David will work with you to remodel your jewellery into an exquisite new piece that's in harmony with you and that you'll love wearing.

Redesign a family heirloom

If you’ve inherited or been gifted an item of jewellery from a cherished family member or friend that you hold dear but simply don’t wish to wear in its current form, jewellery remodelling could be your ideal solution.

Perhaps you’ve been given a set of earrings with exquisite stones that you love in a design that isn’t quite to your taste? Or maybe you’ve inherited an engagement ring in yellow gold that you’d find much more wearable if it was in platinum?

remodelling a family heirloom ring


Book a free no-obligation remodelling discovery phone or virtual call. For David to learn more about your existing jewellery and aspirations, answer any questions, and explain how his exciting design process can turn your ideas into reality

Virtually designed bespoke jewellery


"Jewellery remodelling is an exciting and rewarding experience. As a designer and maker, my role is to explore the potential of your jewellery offering design and gemstone options as we collaborate to create a new beautiful jewellery piece unique to you".

David Law -Jewellery Remodeller


I will appraise your existing jewellery, explore your ideas for your new jewellery piece and share my design vision. We will explore coloured gemstones diamonds and precious metals if you are looking to add them to your design.



I will then head to my design studio to create six unique designs for you to see, and then we will collaborate to perfect them before I print them from the 3D printer for you to see and wear.



Your new remodelled jewellery piece will be handcrafted, and your stones set in my Hatton Garden workshop by expert craftsmen and women to exact detail and sent for hallmarking to verify metal quality.



Only when your jewellery remodelled  piece has passed my stringent quality control checks, and I am thrilled by the result, will I present it to you together with a storybook that maps out your incredible journey.


Bringing Hatton Garden to you

I would love to hear about your ideas for remodeling a family heirloom and am ready to chat and offer impartial advice with a no-obligation video design consultation.

Explore my jewellery remodelling design experience without leaving the comfort of your home.

Ready to begin your remodelling commission

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I am  always on hand to answer your questions or discuss commissioning a bespoke piece.

Book An Appointment

Virtually with Zoom, in person at my London studio or from the comfort of your home

remodelled three stone diamond ring

Recycle precious metal

As part of the jewellery remodelling process, you might wish to mix the metals in your jewellery. For example, you could take the yellow gold from your existing piece and combine it with white gold or platinum – this technique is particularly effective when creating wedding rings.

You could choose a new precious metal entirely, if you’d prefer, retaining the stones from your original piece in your new design.

Or why not use a family heirloom to create a truly special item of jewellery that reflects your personal style as well as your family history?

Your stones combined with new Gemstones

Incorporating existing stones into your new jewellery will make the piece even more impressive while keeping those unforgettable memories alive. You might like to consider adding new stones as well perhaps you’ve just always longed for a piece of jewellery with sapphires, rubies or emeralds?

During the design process we will explore all your options.

Whether you opt to use existing stone or adding new gemstones, I will transform the ‘look’ of your current jewellery into a stunning new statement piece that reflects your style.

remodelled three cornelian stines
upgrade your engagement ring

Upgrade your engagement ring and wedding ring

If you have an engagement ring, wedding ring or eternity ring that you’d like to re-work into an original, new design there are many possibilities for doing so. Perhaps you’d like to add more stones or change the precious metal, retaining the diamonds or gemstones from your original design? Whatever your wish, I’d be delighted to advise you on all of your options for creating a stunning new piece.

How long does the remodelling process take?

Each jewellery remodelling project is unique, and the timescale depends on the complexity of the work involved. However, it typically takes around three to four weeks to complete a jewellery remodelling project as a general guide.

How much does it cost?

The cost of jewellery remodelling varies according to the item you’re remodelling and the materials and stones required to complete the work. At the end of your free initial consultation, I will present you with a total cost breakdown to review and consider before any work begins.

remodelling a family brooch

Book A Design Consultation

Arrange a Zoom virtual consultation or home visit, or come and see me in person at my studio close to Bond Street Station, London. I aim to respond to appointment booking emails within 1 hour..

You will receive a one to one personal service as we explore creating your very own bespoke jewellery piece.

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