With over four decades of experience, David Law has mastered the art of handcrafted Jewellery, and his unwavering commitment to innovation, personal service, and crafting one-of-a-kind pieces continues to shine brightly.

“Your love is exceptional. Your Jewellery should be, too.”

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David Law ' Your Personal jeweller'

"David takes great pride in delivering an unparalleled, personalised experience, crafting exceptional Jewellery that encapsulates the uniqueness of each customer."

David's Journey

With a legacy spanning over four decades, David Law has been crafting handcrafted Jewellery, and his unwavering passion for crafting one-of-a-kind pieces remains as vibrant as ever.

His journey began when he ventured into designing bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands at his Hatton Garden workshop following the successful completion of a rigorous five-year diamond mounting apprenticeship. His exceptional attention to detail and personal touch swiftly garnered him a reputation in the industry.

As David’s business continued to flourish, he exhibited foresight in embracing change. Today, David seamlessly integrates traditional Jewellery craftsmanship with cutting-edge technologies, such as 3D printing and computer-aided design, to produce truly unique and bespoke pieces.”

Artisan David Law
David Law designing Jewellery

Creating with David

When you work with David, you embark on a truly unique journey. Every piece he crafts is a masterpiece in its own right. Through close collaboration with each customer, David delves into their style, vision, and personal story, enabling him to design something profoundly meaningful that captures the wearer’s distinct individuality.

Whether it’s a bespoke engagement ring, a wedding band, an eternity ring, a pendant, or an earring, each piece weaves a distinctive narrative about its owner.

Amidst the ever-changing trends, David Law remains unwavering in his commitment to personalized service, masterful artistry, and the celebration of the uniqueness of every customer. His brand promise is to assist you in narrating your own story through one-of-a-kind Jewellery crafted exclusively for you

"Uniqueness in Personalised Service and Craftsmanship: Setting David Apart from High-Volume Competitors"

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Why Become an Expert When You Can Partner with One?

David understands your journey may be uncharted territory, but with over four decades of experience, he’s your unwavering guide through every stage of his bespoke jewellery process.

From unravelling the distinctions between lab-grown diamonds and mined, deciphering the diamond 4C’s to exploring coloured gemstones and precious metals, and designing and crafting your ideal Jewellery piece, you’re in expert hands every step of the way.

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