Propose with a 3D printed bespoke engagement ring inspired by your vision and love story and a temporary engagement ring set with your gemstone, and then finish the ring together.

“Your love isn’t ordinary. Why should your engagement ring be?”

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Engagement Ring Proposal

Proposing with a mass-produced engagement ring with a 30-day money-back guarantee might seem the safe option. But what if you could safely design a bespoke engagement ring as unique as your partner, knowing that you can change or amend your chosen design after your proposal?

The Wax Ring Proposal

David’s beautifully presented Wax Ring Proposal package contains a diamond or gorgeous coloured gemstone, chosen by you, set into a temporary engagement ring together with a 3D printed engagement ring you helped to design and storybook of your design journey. 

You then return to the Studio and finish your bespoke engagement ring with your partner, creating memories to last a lifetime and a ring as unique as you. 

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Why become an expert when you can work with one?

David gets it; you’ve never done this before. But with over four decades of experience, you can be confident that he will guide you through every step of the wax engagement ring process, from understanding the difference between mined and lab-grown diamonds and what carat, colour, cut, and clarity mean discovering coloured gemstones and precious metals to designing your perfect engagement ring.

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Create a unique and memorable experience with a bespoke engagement ring designed from your vision.

Hatton Garden Ring Designer

As an expert Hatton Garden-trained engagement ring designer, you can have confidence that you can trust David & his team to create your ideal ring.

Over four decades, David has made many exciting and challenging engagement rings that reflect his clients’ unique styles. With David, you’ll receive expert help, impartial advice, exceptional personal service, and a hands-on approach throughout the design process as he creates a bespoke ring that is unique and personal to you.

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Designing Your Wax Engagement Ring

At the first design meeting, you will explore your vision for your engagement ring with David. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration to get started, David will show you some of his previous ring designs and will offer you some of his personal suggestions.

You’ll then discuss diamonds, coloured gemstones, and precious metals best suited to your intended design, the lifestyle of your partner and your budget as you work together to put a design brief in place.

Choice of ring designs

Moving to David’s design studio, he will take the design brief and create a series of designs with 3D technology; you will collaborate to perfect them before printing them from his 3D printer for you to wear with your stone choices.

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gemstones and diamonds

Diamonds and Gemstones

Every bespoke engagement ring requires a fantastic, ethically sourced coloured gemstone, a mined or lab-grown diamond. With so much choice, where do you start?

As an expert, David can give you honest and independent advice and guidance so you can make an informed choice about what suits you. You could even consider using a family heirloom stone in your design.

Finishing touches

At his workshop in Hatton Garden, his diamond setters will set your stone into your temporary engagement ring and present it to you with your chosen wax ring and illustrated storybook mapping out the design journey you’ve shared.

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diamond engagement ring proposal

Propose then finish the ring together

You’re now all set to propose with complete confidence with a unique engagement ring design, one that your love story has inspired. And a temporary engagement ring set with your gemstone.

You will then return with your fiancée to become part of the design process and finish the final engagement ring design together.

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