With over four decades of experience, David Law has mastered the art of crafting beautiful coloured gemstone engagement rings through an unwavering commitment to traditional craftsmanship, innovation, personal service and expert guidance.

Discover Timeless Beauty: Gemstone Engagement Rings

Emerald coloured gemstone engagement ring

Unveiling the Essence of a Coloured Gemstone's Elegance

The inspiration for David’s coloured gemstone engagement rings always centres on the inherent beauty of the gemstone itself. 

David’s legendary skill lies in his capacity to procure the most exceptional stones. Each gemstone must possess an extraordinary and unparalleled colour, representing the finest quality.

Effortless Choices, Exceptional Outcomes

David's Handpicked Selection: An Array of Gemstone Possibilities

Coloured gemstones offer a diverse spectrum of hues, from the ever-popular deep blues of sapphires to the vibrant greens of emeralds, fiery reds of rubies, and enchanting shades of amethyst or aquamarine.

David’s handpicked selection ensures you can choose a gemstone that aligns perfectly with your partner’s personality and style.

a choice of coloured gemstones
ruby coloured gemstone engagement ring

Unique Gemstone Engagement Rings: Choice Of Ring Designs

Discover two thrilling avenues for crafting your unique gemstone engagement ring with David. Opt for the bespoke route, where David breathes life into your vision, or embark on the custom journey. 

David will present a personalised mood board featuring exclusive designs tailored to your preferences. Select your favourite design or infuse it with your unique touch to create an exceptional engagement ring that reflects your love and style.

Vibrant Coloured Gemstone Engagement Rings

Start Your Complimentary Coloured Gemstone Engagement Ring Journey Today

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Discuss your concepts and vision with David.

Let him inspire you with suggestions and discover his exciting coloured gemstone engagement ring process.

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Coloured Gemstone Engagement Rings Design Process

yellow sapphire gemstone engagement ring

David's Personal Approach to Making Gemstone Engagement Rings

Since the early ’80s, Artisan David Law has specialised in meticulously handcrafting unique coloured gemstone engagement rings, offering clients a truly bespoke experience.

Working intimately with each individual, David ensures a singularly distinctive jewellery piece, reflecting personal elegance. Our service is defined by expert guidance, tailored advice, and unparalleled personal attention.

The Art of Curating Exquisite Gemstones

blue sapphire gemstone

Sapphire: A Spectrum of Possibilities

Sapphires offer a stunning array of choices for coloured gemstone engagement rings, from classic deep blues to unique pinks and vibrant yellows and greens.

Each colour tells its own love story, embodying timeless elegance and personal expression, allowing for a truly unique and personalised ring design.



round ruby gemstone

Ruby: A Symbol of Passionate Love

Rubies, with their deep red allure, present a captivating option for engagement rings. Symbolising passion and enduring love, their rich crimson hues range from intense scarlet to subtle rose.

Each shade of ruby adds a touch of timeless romance and distinct elegance, making them a perfect emblem of a deep and abiding connection.

cushion green emerald gemstone

Emerald: A Reflection of Timeless Devotion

Emeralds bring a lush, verdant charm to engagement rings, symbolising growth and enduring love. Their vibrant green shades, from deep forest to delicate mint, embody a sense of renewal and vitality.

Each emerald, with its unique inclusions and hues, tells a story of timeless devotion, making it an exquisite symbol of a deep and lasting bond.

Exploring Vibrant Alternatives: Beyond Sapphires, Rubies, and Emeralds

Celtic aquamarine gemstone engagement ring

In the realm of engagement rings, the allure of coloured gemstones is undeniable. While sapphires, rubies, and emeralds have long reigned supreme, a world of alternative vibrant gemstones awaits those seeking a unique symbol of love.

Aquamarine: The serene hues of aquamarine evoke the tranquillity of the sea. Its calming blue tones, ranging from the lightest sky to a more bottomless ocean blue, offer a touch of elegance and a sense of peace.

Tanzanite: Exclusively mined in Tanzania, this rare gemstone mesmerises with its striking blue-violet colour. Tanzanite is not just beautiful; it’s a statement of rarity and distinctiveness.

Amethyst: Known for its captivating purple shades, amethyst brings a royal touch to any engagement ring. Its varying intensities, from light lilac to deep violet, symbolise depth and emotion.

Tourmalines: Tourmalines are gems of many colours. From vibrant greens and pinks to intriguing watermelon bi-colours, each stone has a unique palette, making your engagement ring memorable.

Alexandrite: Alexandrite is a chameleon of the Gem world, changing colour from green in daylight to red under incandescent light. This extraordinary transformation symbolises adaptability and enduring love.

Morganite: With its gentle pink hues, morganite is synonymous with romance and tenderness. Its soft colour radiates warmth and affection, perfect for an engagement ring symbolising enduring love.

Each of these alternative gemstones carries its own unique story and symbolism, making them not just a choice for an engagement ring but a personal statement of love, commitment, and individuality.

Crafting Your Gemstone Engagement Ring

jewellery design


Your unique journey begins with collaboration. Share your ideas and explore a world of designs, gemstones, and metals with David. This initial step ensures your ring truly reflects your personal story and style.

cad designing


David then brings your vision to life with detailed CAD designs, allowing for personal touches. Experience your ring before it’s made with 3D wax models, giving you a real feel of the final piece.



Moving on to David’s Hatton Garden Workshop, his expert goldsmiths and setters meticulously handcraft and detail your ring, culminating in a beautifully polished symbol of love and commitment, uniquely yours.

Let your bEspoke journey begin

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