Creating your own engagement ring is much easier than you might think and more rewarding than walking the length and breadth of your local high street or shopping mall looking in jeweller’s windows.

Designing your ring allows you to have a ring that is one of a kind, unique, and never repeated.
With modern technology combined with traditional manufacturing techniques, the premium prices associated in the past with making a bespoke ring no longer exist.

Creating your ring gives you the freedom to choose the precious metals that are right for your lifestyle and skin tones and select a diamond(s) or gemstone with just the right sparkle.

Most importantly, it will allow you to be involved as the design takes shape and to have your ring made to fit within the budget.

So, how do I go about creating my ring?

There are many ways to create your engagement ring; most online establishments will guide you to choose a preexisting ring design and then select a diamond from a long list of stones before making it for you.

Although there is nothing wrong with this type of approach for me, the ring design should not already exist and should be created just for you.

When you design your ring with me, I will offer a personal service in a relaxed atmosphere where we will discuss your ideas for your ring design, talk about whom the ring is to be made for and then create a design brief.

I will then go away and expand your ideas and add ideas of my own by creating a series of 3D models for you to view and amend on screen.

With your design or designs perfected on screen, I will allow you to wear a prototype of your rings as I print them from the 3D printer. This way, you can be confident that your final design choice will be as you imagined it would be.

Choosing your diamond or gemstones

I am happy to design your ring with your stones or help you choose your ideal diamond or coloured gemstone.

Of course, I will explain the essential characteristics of diamonds, such as the 4C’s. But rather than being shown a list of stones to choose from, you will get to decide your preferred cut and whether the colour, clarity, or carat size matters most to you by seeing a selection of handpicked diamonds.

You can call me old-fashioned, but this is still the most exciting way to choose your diamonds or gemstones.

Handcrafting your ring just for you

With your design finalised and with your diamonds chosen, I will set about handcrafting your engagement ring for you in my Hatton Garden workshop, presenting it to you alongside a beautifully illustrated storybook mapping out your design journey to create your unique engagement ring.

Design your own ring.

You will be part of a fantastic design journey and can be confident that you can create a truly one-of-a-kind engagement ring that will always be unique to you without paying a premium in price.

Discover bespoke as intended, and call me today at 0800 024 8940 to learn more about how to design your ring with a master artisan.




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