Engagement Ring Trends

Engagement Ring Trends -2020

We are now well into the traditional engagement ring season, and as we enter 2020, there will be daily predictions of the latest engagement ring trends for the year ahead. You’ll undoubtedly see all of the newest engagement rings popping up on your Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Engagement Ring Designs Are Evolving

During 2019 I saw the most significant shift in engagement ring designs I have ever seen, and I am confident these trends will continue to grow in 2020.
Whatever your position, you’ll want to be armed with the latest engagement ring trends before you take that critical #BridesRings selfie.

Alternative Gemstones

The first change has seen a rise of diamond-alternative gemstones for that all-important engagement ring main stone. As we enter 2020, I believe that break with the diamond traditional engagement ring will grow with blue, yellow, and pink sapphires, emeralds, and black diamonds leading the way as the alternative center stone.

Dramatic Stone Shapes

There has also been a move away from the traditional round stone with increasing interest in oval, cushion, pear, and marquise shapes, and these changes will continue to stay on-trend through 2020.

Bespoke Unique, Original

The modern bride-to-be is looking for something personal, unique, and breaking with tradition, and for 2020 I think clients will continue to look to create a non-traditional ring design like open rings styles being a hit this year.

Ring Settings that stand out from the crowd

Even when the bride-to-be is looking for a brilliant-cut diamond classic ring, they’re still looking for a non-traditional ring design, something out of the ordinary.

Multiple Stones

Ever since Meghan Markle tied the knot with Prince Harry, the rise in popularity of the three-stone engagement ring has grown. However, 2020 will see brides-to-be wanting even more diamonds, with five stones or more becoming an increasingly popular choice for engagement rings.

Personalised Ring Designs

My Clients seem to love the idea of personalising their engagement rings with my latest creation, incorporating a Chilean Flower and the Yin Yan motif making their engagement ring feel even more special.

Ethical Engagement Rings

In 2020 we will see an increasing move towards ethical and sustainability engagement rings as the younger Millennials and the first Gen Zs prepare to tie the knot.

Modern consumers now look to align their personal values with the brands they patronise. The ability to tell an authentic story about where and how their ring is made is becoming increasingly important.

Diamond – Alternatives

Moissanite (diamond alternative) Lab Grown diamonds will see sales increase, as will Canadian diamonds, as they come with a different certificate on top of the GIA Certificate, giving the details of the original rough and mine details.

Fair-trade gold sales will also increase, and there will be a shift to yellow gold and platinum mixed engagement rings.

Bespoke Engagement Rings

Whether influenced by the latest engagement ring trends or wanting to create a personalised engagement ring, you need to work with an experienced engagement ring designer.

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