Unique Engagement Rings

What is the difference between unique engagement rings and bespoke engagement rings?

Most bespoke engagement rings are an interpretation of classic styles: solitaire, trilogy, art deco, the vintage era, and so on. Bespoke allows you to expand upon a theme that best reflects your personality and sense of style. Your inspiration could come from your work, travel experiences, wardrobe, or fine art. I would even give you some of my own. By choosing this route for your unique ring, the possibilities are endless.

Unique Engagement Rings

Unique engagement rings allow you to expand upon the bespoke theme by mixing the classic styling with something a little more personal, individual, and special.

My most recent example of this was when I met with a customer, and in our initial exploratory discussion, he explained his ideas on the style of the engagement ring he wanted to achieve. We also discussed, in greater detail, ideas on how to make the ring more personal and unique.
He told me a story about the hummingbirds he and his fiancee had seen on their foreign travels. With us having spoken at length, I knew that if I could find a way of adding a hummingbird into the ring design, it would give a ring the personal touch.

There is an art

For me, taking on a commission like this is challenging but also incredibly exciting and rewarding. When creating a ring such as this, the art is not to lose sight of the fact that this is still an engagement ring and, therefore, must be able to stand the test of time.

3D design process

From the client’s perspective, 3D designing has taken jewellery design to a new level, allowing them to explore design options in a way that was never possible. They feel safe in the knowledge that not only can they amend the drawings, but they could also start again without incurring any extra charges.
Of course, it also allows me far more scope when designing. For example, I can create designs on the screen that were impossible to achieve before from traditional sketching, and it also allows me to present a series of designs to my client for them to view and amend.


This modern approach to design removes the risk of creating anything but the perfect unique engagement ring design, especially with the added advantage of seeing a design prototype started first from my in-house 3D printer.


With the design finalised and the GIA-certificated diamonds or the finest gemstones selected, I will handcraft the ring in my Hatton Garden workshop. Ready to be presented with a beautifully illustrated storybook that maps out how your Unique Engagement Ring was designed and crafted?


Please get in touch, as I would love to show you more of the unique engagement rings that I have designed and made and explore how we could work together to create a unique one, one of a kind, made just for you.

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