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Revolutionising Jewellery Shopping in 2024: A Unique Client-Centric Approach


Step into the 2024 jewellery trends where vibrant-coloured gemstones, which began to flourish in 2023, show no signs of slowing down. Clients are increasingly seeking unique and individualised pieces, moving beyond the classic blues of sapphires, the deep reds of rubies, and the lush greens of emeralds. Instead, there’s a growing fascination with more unique gems like alexandrite, morganite, padparadscha, and tourmaline.


jewellery trends 2024 theAlexandrite loose stones


I see in my 2024 jewellery trends this shift towards coloured gemstones further enhanced as a response to the ongoing uncertainties and debates in the diamond industry, particularly between natural and lab-grown diamonds. Questions abound – are lab diamonds genuine or mere imitations? Do they devalue Jewellery, as Martin Rappaport suggests? Or are they considered for their environmental benefits and cost-effectiveness?

I’ve delved deeper into these queries in my previous blog, “The Future of Diamonds.”

Trends of Individuality and Heritage

In 2023, I also witnessed a significant trend: the drive to include family heirlooms in clients’ engagement rings, reflecting a more profound desire for individuality and personalisation in their Jewellery. I anticipate this trend will continue in 2024 as clients seek more meaningful and unique ways to express their stories and heritage through Jewellery.


jewellery rends 2024 remodelled family heirloom engagement ring


State of the Industry: A Client’s Viewpoint

As we venture into 2024-Jewellery-Trends, as well as a few of my customary predictions, I also want to explore my concerns about the current state of the jewellery industry.

Additionally, I am excited to introduce a new service I’m launching, specifically designed to address these concerns and enhance the client experience in jewellery shopping.

Personal Journey in the Industry: Evolution and Insights

Over the 40 years I’ve been part of the jewellery industry, I’ve witnessed a remarkable evolution. My journey began as a trailblazer, being part of the first group of jeweller apprentices who were paid instead of paying for our training. This change marked a significant shift in an industry that was notoriously difficult to enter.

I started from the ground up; I did everything from sweeping the floors to the proverbial ‘long wait’ – a classic industry joke. These experiences gave me a comprehensive understanding of jewellery manufacture and design. I gained invaluable insights into the world of natural diamonds and developed a lasting passion for coloured gemstones, which continues to inspire me today.

However, the most crucial lesson I learned, which I carry with me to this day, is the importance of respecting every client, regardless of their budget. This respect forms the foundation of my approach, ensuring that each client’s experience is valued and their vision honoured.



  • Challenges of Modern Jewellery Shopping: A Closer Look

Like many others today, the jewellery industry faces the challenge of online businesses being set up by individuals with little to no hands-on experience. This trend is a significant concern for me.

The rise of jeweller CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software allows for the creation of stunning designs from home or university settings. However, this often comes without any practical understanding of jewellery crafting. The disconnect between digital design and the reality of physical creation can lead to less than satisfactory results. This disparity is something I find quite unsettling.

  • Online Jewellery Sales

Online jewellery sellers often provide extensive guides on selecting diamonds, precious metals, and lab-grown diamonds. They encourage customers to become self-taught experts. As someone who has spent decades in this industry and continues to learn daily, I believe that the expectation that one can become an expert through online resources is misleading and oversimplified.

Moreover, designs that look appealing on a screen may not always translate well when worn. The standard 30-day money-back guarantees offer some reassurance, but it raises the question – is this the ideal way to purchase something as significant as an engagement ring?

The option to choose from extensive diamond lists poses another challenge. Even with specific criteria, the plethora of choices and varying price points can be overwhelming. Notable brands, like Tiffany, have also adopted online selling, often at a premium, raising the question of value – how much more are customers willing to pay for a brand name?



High street jewellers


  • High Street Jewellery sales

A visit to high street jewellers might present you with a selection of lab-grown and natural diamond engagement rings, often with a substantial price difference for similar designs. This scenario leaves customers pondering their preferences and the retailer’s motivation.

Summing up, I am not here to criticise these methods; some may find value in the affordability of online shopping or the allure of renowned brand names. Others might relish the experience of negotiating a great deal on the High street and leaving with Jewellery in hand.

However, amidst these evolving shopping methods, my primary concern is that the personal touch, so crucial in jewellery purchasing, seems to be diminishing. 

This essential element of connection and understanding between the jeweller and the client is getting lost in the whirlwind of modern shopping practices, and it’s this very aspect of the jewellery-buying experience that I am determined to address and preserve.

Introducing a New Approach to Jewellery Buying

In my fresh approach to jewellery buying, I emphasise reinstating the personal connection that has become rare in modern shopping. My focus is on creating pieces that meet the technical specifications and resonate deeply with each client’s unique story and emotional significance.

As a bespoke jeweller, I have always prided myself on offering clients a variety of design choices, opportunities for collaboration, and a selection of exquisite diamonds and gemstones, all within a comfortable budget. Each piece is unique and never replicated, explicitly tailored to the individual client.



  • The Bespoke Jewellery and off-the-shelf alternative

I understand that Bespoke Jewellery might not be for everyone, possibly due to apprehensions about creativity or it seeming like a last-resort option. To address these concerns, I’ve developed a unique jewellery-buying experience that upholds my work’s quality and handcrafted nature without incorporating mass-produced elements.

  • A Unique Jewellery Buying Experience

This service begins with a simple questionnaire or a discovery call based on your preference. I’ll gather your requirements for jewellery pieces, coloured gemstones, or even repurposing a family heirloom. Within 24 hours, I’ll prepare a personal mood board curated from my exclusive back catalogue of designs, presented to you in stunning 3D.

  • Handcrafted, not mass-produced

And you can rest assured that everything proposed will align with your budget preferences without compromising quality. Every bespoke engagement ring is handcrafted in my Hatton Garden workshop, ensuring bespoke craftsmanship in every creation.

You’ll be in control throughout the process, approving each design step. This way, when you receive your jewellery piece, it will meet and surpass your expectations.

  • Advantages of This Approach

I offer you the option to purchase a design, personalise it to make it uniquely yours or use the collection as a blueprint to begin a bespoke journey. Experience the tangible feel of your designs with 3D printed models, available at my studio or delivered to your home.


diamond custom engagement ring and wax model


  • Diamonds and Gemstones

I curate a personal collection tailored to your diamond and gemstone selection preferences. Whether at my studio or through detailed 360-degree videos, I assist you in choosing the ideal stone. For those considering lab-grown diamonds, I offer honest, unbiased advice on the differences between natural and lab-grown options, helping you make an informed decision.

  • Conclusion

Choosing to work with me means saying goodbye to endless lists and the hassle of searching through countless designs. My service is hands-on and personal from start to finish. Expect quality without compromise, competitive pricing, and delivery within fifteen working days.

This innovative service promises exceptional value, especially in these times. And with a complimentary initial discovery call, you have everything to gain in experiencing this unique approach to jewellery buying.

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