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Hatton Garden the home of the diamond engagement ring

A Brief History 

Hatton Garden is most famous as London’s jewellery quarter and the centre of the UK diamond industry. Spreading out from its ancient centre in nearby Clerkenwell in the 19th century it grew to over 300 businesses and over 55 shops, although as I write the amount of jewellery business are now shrinking as the largest of these De Beers depart and are being replaced by advertising and marketing businesses.

Hatton Garden Jewellers

Coming to Hatton Garden was always an experience like no other and buying a Hatton Garden Engagement Ring was once as famous as Tiffany and their little blue box. You came you haggled, and you came away with your ring and in many cases a great deal too.

How times have changed

Haggling on price remains today although the shops have failed to rise to the challenges of the internet which is a massive disappointment to me, engagement ring buying is changing today many see buying a diamond as a commodity purchase. On top of that, we now have De Beers selling man-made diamonds.

Internet versus the high street

The internet buying experience is built solely on who can sale a diamond at the lowest price; mass-produced ring settings sold as handmade or handcrafted rather than custom made which is what choosing a ring mount and choose a diamond is.

The retail experience is on the wain as shops have dropped their massive advantages over internet buying and replaced it by trying to compete with them on price this for me is a mistake.

Although it is fair to say many, but certainly not all of the younger age groups are happy to buy a loose diamond online and then look for the ring setting, the older age group still want to buy from someone sitting in front of them, appreciate a personal buying experience and working with an expert.

Diamond Ring Settings mass produced or handcrafted

A case can be put forward that you buying a diamond online can save you money although it depends on what you are comparing prices too.

However, that is not the case when buying a ring setting. As much as online seller dress it up a diamond ring setting purchased online is mass produced and often imported and non-comparable to a bespoke ring setting Made in Britain.

With a bespoke ring you will be involved throughout your creation but with the final ring a one-off and never repeated, and it will also be made to your budget, and on top of that it can be made in Hatton Garden.

About David Law

David Law has a strong affiliation with Hatton Garden he was trained there and has worked there for over 30 years, and although his retail presence ended ten years ago, his workshop remains.

David is an innovator and jeweller with over 35 years experience; he was one of the first jewellers to combine modern 3D ( computer-aided design ) and 3D printing with his traditional manufacturing routes on top of that he prides himself on offering unmatched personal service and expert advice.

Four bespoke options

Although disappointed with some of the changes that are taking place in the jewellery trade he accepts that you have to adapt to change and with that in mind he is the first Hatton Garden Jeweller to offer four bespoke buying option with one common denominator a quality handcrafted bespoke ring.


David understanding clients today can be working irregular hours is again a  market leader in removing opening and closing hours and is happy to meet clients seven days a week at fifteen locations across London or online with video conferencing all you have to pick is a day and time.

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