Bespoke Engagement Ring

You want to propose to the love of your life, and it is time to choose that all-important ring. The pressure in getting the design right is enormous as it is more than just a ring, especially for your future bride, who could have been dreaming about her engagement ring and the proposal day from a very young age.

An engagement ring is probably the most romantic purchase that you will ever make. Finding the perfect ring can sometimes be a rather stressful experience. Looking through trays of rings in your local jewellers with the pressure of the salesperson hanging over you can be very daunting.

A ring designed for you

An alternative option is now – a bespoke engagement ring designed just for you. Combining modern and traditional design and manufacturing techniques means there is no longer a premium price.

Evenings, weekends and online

There are no shop opening or closing times; appointments are in a relaxed and informal setting and can be at a time that works best for you.

The design process

It is an exciting and rewarding experience giving you complete confidence, as it allows you to be involved through the design of your ring.
See your ideas developed into a collection of interactive ring designs for you to view and amend. Receive a wearable wax prototype created from my 3D printer, approve and make a final design that encapsulates the perfect ring for you to go down on one knee and propose.

GIA certificated diamonds

You can spend many hours researching diamonds online. A lot is written about the diamond 4C’s and how to choose a diamond. However, most of what you read is about the price you pay and who can sell it for the least amount of money rather than the diamond itself.

I have been working with diamonds for over 35 years and am still learning, and this is why I would always advise working with an independent diamond expert you can meet up with in person.

When selecting diamonds for you, I carefully consider the 4C’s and plenty more. I want to ensure your chosen diamonds give you the WOW factor when viewing them for the first time.


With your design and stones arranged, the final task is to handcraft your bespoke engagement ring in my Hatton Garden Workshop, the most famous jewellery street in Britain and perhaps the world.

Captured in a Storybook

You will have photos from your proposal and wedding day, so why not have a beautiful storybook that illustrates the design journey that you’ve been on to create your bespoke engagement ring designed just for you and never made again?

An invitation from me to you

Get in touch so I can show you in person or online my exciting design process to turn your engagement ring ideas into reality.



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