Bespoke Jewellery Designed In Cambridgeshire 

Experience the bespoke jewellery buying experience from the comfort of your Cambridgeshire home 
Bespoke Jewellery Cambridgeshire, designed together with experienced designer and Master Jeweller David Law. Who will turn your dreams of owning a beautiful, handcrafted item of bespoke Jewellery or remodelling a family heirloom into reality? 
If you are looking for a unique bespoke engagement ring, wedding, eternity ring, or remodel a family heirloom around Cambridgeshire? David Law will make it possible by bringing his sophisticated Hatton Garden bespoke design experience to you. 

Jewellery Made in your style just for you 

What does it mean to be bespoke? 
It means being timeless, unique, yet powerfully familiar and experiential - just like David Law's craftsmanship. 
David remodels family heirlooms, and his Bespoke Engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings and jewellery for every occasion will all be unique and created to your style and preferences. 

Bespoke jewellery designed in Cambridgeshire made in Hatton Garden 


Bespoke Engagement Rings 


Bespoke Wedding Rings 


Bespoke Eternity Rings 


Jewellery Remodelling 


Bespoke Dress Rings 


Bespoke Earrings 


Bespoke Necklace 


Bespoke Cufflinks 


The Consultation Process 

Your initial no-obligation discovery call with David aims to understand your need, answer questions, advise you, and suggest options. Following this, the next steps will be agreed upon and may involve a Zoom call, face to face meeting from the comfort of your home or at his London studio in Marylebone to finalise the details. 
Our service is all about what works best for you. 

The Design Process 

David Law's jewellery story began in the 1980s after his apprenticeship as a Master Jewellery Designer and Maker, making him an established figure in the industry for decades. He has evolved continuously, successfully merging traditional manufacturing and modern CAD designing and printing. 

Jewellery designer and maker David Law 

Specialist jewellery designer David Law has been creating beautiful bespoke engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity rings, Jewellery for those special occasions and repurposing family heirlooms since completing his Hatton Garden apprenticeship in 1980. He is a pioneer in combining his traditional manufacturing skills with CAD 3D technology, removing the premium prices for owning a bespoke piece. 

When commissioning with him, you will receive a Four-Point creative process: 


Inspiration always starts from a conversation. David Law brings his skills and experience to every design consultation he makes. 


After discussing preferences and essentials, David proceeds with styling six unique designs to see in 3D and then collaborating to perfect them. 


3D printing of your designs follows for you to wear with a selection of handpicked diamonds and gemstones before handcrafting by talented goldsmiths at his Hatton Garden workshop. 


Your jewellery piece will be presented to you in a cherished and loved way. It will come with a storybook that illustrates your process with David Law. Design to presentation typically takes three to four weeks, and every bespoke design David creates is within budget. 

 Ethically Sourced 

All of our diamonds adhere to the Kimberley Process, and we offer Candian Diamonds traceable from the exact mine and rough to your jewellery piece. 
Lab-Grown Diamonds are also growing in popularity and come with GIA or IGI certificates. Additionally, we work with the Fairtrade standard, the world's first independent ethical system for gold, protecting miners working conditions whilst safeguarding the environment. 


Your first exploratory consultation is free and without any obligation to buy. 
From design to conception takes typically three to four weeks. 
David makes all of his Jewellery at his workshop in London's Hatton Garden. 
Yes, you can; David specialises in repurposing clients' sentimental Jewellery. 
Yes, David will invite you back once a year for your Jewellery to be checked and cleaned. 

Book A Consultation 

For a one-on-one personal consultation with our Master Jewellery Designer, David, you may book a discussion via Zoom or a physical meeting in Cambridgeshire. 
Reach David through: 0800 024 8940 
Email David: 
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