Engagement Rings Hatton Garden

Engagement rings Hatton Garden is the home of the diamond engagement ring.

  • Are you looking for an engagement ring in the world’s most famous jewellery street Hatton Garden?
  • Are you looking for a bespoke engagement ring?
  • Are you looking to make a deal?
  • Looking to buy a loose diamond or gemstone?
  • Want to sell your old jewellery or watches?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, Hatton Garden is well worth a visit. You can choose from over fifty-five shops, three jewellery emporiums, and various manufacturers and diamond dealers.

Hatton Garden Engagement Rings

Hatton Garden Retail

If you want to see and try on a lot of engagement rings before buying, the shops will most certainly be the place for you to start.

They are packed to the rafters with diamond engagement rings, and should you find the ring of your dreams, you will, in most cases, not have to pay the ticket price, as they will all be prepared to do a deal.

However, if you don’t like being hauled off the street by an eager salesperson or looking for a choice of unique ring designs, visiting shops might be a bit overwhelming and disappointing.

One of the criticisms at Hatton Garden’s retailers is that things all look the same. The only thing that differentiates one shop from another is the price. Some of this comes from a handful of proprietors owning all the shops. And the other is the notion of sticking to the tried and tested.


There are not as many manufacturers as there used to be, but there is still plenty to choose from if you want to create a unique engagement ring.

Some you will find from their boards that they display on the street, from online directories research before you head to Hatton Garden, but the most common is recommendations.

Working with a working jeweller can be an exciting experience; seeing how they work and having a tour of the workshop is a great experience, and there is nothing like creating your ring rather than buying it off the shelf.

Diamond Dealers

Whether you are researching before your visit or just walking along the street, you will see wild headlines such as ‘largest collection of GIA certificated diamonds ‘and ‘lowest UK prices guaranteed’ Please ignore these headlines. They just can’t be backed up by facts. A diamond dealer who works supplying the trade will not open their doors to you unless, of course, you have been recommended.

All jewellers can claim to be diamond dealers, and there is nothing wrong with that, but in the main, they have not bought directly from a diamond manufacturer but from a diamond dealer who has purchased from them.

The best prices

It would help if you remembered that no two diamonds are the same, so making direct comparisons from one establishment to another will be difficult for you without considering the differences in variance of service on offer. Ultimately, it will come down to whether you love the ring and whether you can afford it.

Unless you want the very best, Hatton Garden offers a fresh and modern approach to designing bespoke engagement rings together with expert advice and exquisite service.

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