Jewellery Made In Britain


Heritage, quality and craftsmanship are all associated with Jewellery Made in Britain. And Hatton Garden London is still the World’s most iconic street for having your Jewellery made.

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Moving Jewellery Manufacturing Overseas

So, with that said, in the mid-’80s, traditional UK Jewellery manufacturing was dying, and there became a clamour to move manufacturing to China and the Far East.

The answer was straightforward: price; retailers across the UK were no longer prepared to pay the cost associated with homemade Jewellery and were looking for cheaper alternatives.

Although making Jewellery in the Far East was less expensive, it came at a price for the consumer. There was little quality control, with many stone issues falling out; for example, the product choice for the consumer to choose from diminished and importers had to buy in bulk.

But Things Are Changing

It is no longer fashionable for retailers to hold extensive inventories of stock. However, with the introduction of changing manufacturing techniques, costs have come down, and moving back to Jewellery Made in Britain is now a central selling point when competing with online stores. You can even have a made-in-UK stamp added to the traditional UK hallmark.

The Far East Today

There is something exceptional about having your jewellery made in Britain, and I urge you always to ask where a piece of jewellery you want to buy was made. And I say this as some of the biggest brands around still have their Jewellery made in the Far East, and online retailers and jewellers who continue to compete purely on price do so. And you can’t put a price on traditional Jewellery manufacturing.

Bespoke Jewellery Made In Britain

There is a misconception that Bespoke Jewellery is expensive; combining traditional manufacturing roots with modern technology has removed the premium prices associated with bespoke. So, if you are looking for a jewellery piece made just for you and never repeated, I would recommend finding a bespoke jeweller in your area.

Working With David Law

I have been making handmade Jewellery for over four decades. For clients working with me, it means becoming part of an exciting journey, getting precisely the jewellery piece you are looking for and at a price you wish to pay. My design process gives a unique opportunity to stamp one’s personality and ideas on the ring or Jewellery of your dreams, from inception to the finished design. It culminates in a personalised piece that you will cherish forever.

You will see your designs evolve by combining traditional manufacturing skills with the latest 3D design software and 3D wax printing. From original sketches into interactive drawings on the big screen, they become tactile and wearable as I create them in 3D wax before handcrafting to finish in my Hatton Garden workshop.

There has never been a better time to explore the World of Bespoke Jewellery Made in Britain while flying the flag for UK manufacturing. SCHEDULE A CALL



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