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Lab grown diamond engagement ring

Dazzle in Life's Grand Moments with a Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Lab grown three stone diamond engagement ring

The Value of a Lab-Created Diamond Engagement Ring

Choosing a David Law lab-grown diamond engagement ring represents a harmonious fusion of sustainability with affordability, meticulously crafted to preserve your special moment’s intrinsic beauty and deep emotional connection.

These premium, ethically sourced diamonds mirror the chemical composition and aesthetic brilliance of natural diamonds and present a financially savvy and eco-conscious choice.

By designing and creating your engagement ring with David Law, you’re not just acquiring a unique ring; you’re crafting a remarkable symbol of love that resonates with exclusive charm and enduring sentimental value, setting it apart from ordinary, mass-produced rings.

Commission A Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Ethical Engagement Rings

Creating a Lab-Grown diamond engagement ring with David Law, one of Hatton Gardens’ most renowned jewellery designers and makers, is an exciting and rewarding experience.

David is proud to offer unique handcrafted engagement rings born from your vision, designed using the latest innovative 3D technology and meticulously handcrafted with ethically sourced lab-grown diamonds at his Hatton Garden workshop.

diamond solitaire lab grown engagement ring
designing a lab grown diamond engagement ring

Crafting Your Distinctive Engagement Ring Setting

At the heart of every David Law engagement ring lies the perfect lab diamond, tailored to your preference, be it a brilliant, oval, pear, emerald, or princess cut.

The journey of your unique ring begins with an exceptional design concept destined to be exclusively yours. David’s extensive experience in design shines through, whether you arrive with a precise vision or seek his expert advice to navigate through the myriad of style possibilities.

David Law 40 Years of Ring Design

David’s guidance makes the design process accessible and enjoyable, even if you’re not well-versed in design intricacies or the specifics of lab diamonds. His expertise ensures that creating your engagement ring is not just about making a choice but crafting an extraordinary piece that embodies the ‘WOW’ factor, exceeding all your expectations.

This collaborative journey with David Law transforms the creation of your engagement ring into an unforgettable experience, culminating in a truly remarkable and unique symbol of your love. BOOK A FREE DISCOVERY CALL WITH DAVID

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On a zoom call with bespoke jeweller David Law

Why Master It Alone When You Can Collaborate With An Expert?

Start your personalised design journey with master jeweller David Law through a one-on-one virtual design consultation via Zoom.

For follow-up sessions, choose from a Zoom meeting, an in-person encounter at his London studios in Marylebone or Hatton Garden, or a convenient Oxfordshire location. Your bespoke design experience is just a click away.

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Reach David through: 0800 024 8940

Four Steps to Your Unique Engagement Ring

designing on cad a lab grown diamond engagement ring

The Bespoke Process

1. Initial Design & CAD Designs

Your journey begins with David translating your vision into unique engagement ring designs for you to collaborate to tweak, refine, and perfect in stunning 3D. You will then wear your preferred designs created from the 3D printer.

The Bespoke Process

2. Creating the Ring Setting

Once you’ve made your design choice, the crafting process begins. David’s team of specialist casters will expertly cast your ring and then meticulously handcraft it with his team of expert mounters, all within the prestigious confines of his Hatton Garden workshop.

david crafting a lab grown diamond engagement ring
setting a lab grown diamond

The Bespoke Process

3. Setting the Diamonds

Next up, our setting specialists will add the centre stone, melee diamonds, and further detailing to the ring. It’s a meticulous process that requires great precision. Under the microscope, David’s diamond setters meticulously secure each diamond, refining the claws and metalwork for security and aesthetic appeal.

The Bespoke Process

4. Final Touches & Quality Control

In the final stage, your ring undergoes a series of enhancements and thorough quality checks. It receives its final polish, accentuating the metal’s sheen and the diamonds’ brilliance before an independent hallmark by the London Assay Office. 

David will take one last quality control check under a microscope, ensuring every detail is perfect – Only when he is delighted that the ring meets his high standards is it ready to become a cherished symbol of your love.

diamond and pear 3 stone lab diamond engagement ring

Commission A Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

What You Should Know About Lab-Grown Diamonds

three stone lab diamond engagement ring

Lab Diamonds Embrace Brilliance and Sustainability

Discover the dazzling allure of lab-grown diamonds, crafted to perfection, matching the chemistry and appearance of natural diamonds. These gems encapsulate love in every facet, offering a fusion of affordability, ethics, and environmental responsibility.

Enhance your special moments with the added sparkle of these budget-friendly diamonds, bringing a touch of responsible luxury to every occasion.

These diamonds seamlessly blend brilliance with a commitment to conscientious elegance, ensuring that each cherished memory is unforgettable and ethically inspired.

How are David's Lab diamonds sourced?

Purchasing a lab-grown diamond engagement ring ensures your unique ring is stunning and ethically sourced. David Law emphasises transparency and ethical practices in every step of the sourcing and creation process. 

He meticulously selects the most exquisite lab-grown diamonds, balancing beauty and value for money. This commitment to excellence is why David exclusively collaborates with the most reputable and reliable lab diamond suppliers.

He procures the finest lab-grown diamonds directly from their originators, ensuring authenticity and quality. Furthermore, each ring is expertly crafted in-house at his workshop, guaranteeing that your engagement ring symbolises love and is a testament to responsible and sustainable craftsmanship.

sourcing lab grown diamonds
Lab-grown engagement ring designer David Law

About David

David Embraces Sustainability

Choosing ethically sourced diamonds ensures each unique ring symbolises your love and reflects a deep commitment to environmental responsibility.

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