Make Your Own Engagement Ring

There can be many reasons why you might decide to make your engagement ring;

  • You want to propose to the love of your life with a ring as unique as her
  • You can’t find the exact ring you are looking for
  • You want to influence the design of your ring
  • So how do you find a jeweller?

As with most things today, it will probably start with an online Google search, but what term should you use? From my research with my client, finding the right words or phrases to search for can be difficult. Some will add the word bespoke, custom, design or make, but probably the most popular is Hatton Garden, the most famous jewellery street in the world.

The standout thing you will find with whichever words you choose to use for your searches is that the same six online establishments are vying for your business, popping up at the top of your search result. This is because they spend upwards of six figures a year with Google AdWords and use every conceivable term.

Make your own

Of course, how much they spend on advertising is entirely up to them, and I don’t have an issue with that. Where the problem lies for me is in their interpretation and use of the word bespoke, custom or make your own,
Most companies’ USP is to choose your diamond, select your setting, and make your unique engagement ring. Nothing is wrong if you find your ideal engagement ring this way or from a shop. But I struggle with the word unique here, as the ring is not a true one-off and will be repeated many times.

So what is a Custom Made engagement ring?

I have spent over thirty years creating custom made engagement rings and matching jewellery for my clients, and my interpretation and use of the word tailored are very different.

When a client comes to visit me or, for that matter, any bespoke jeweller, the engagement ring that you will eventually propose does not exist other than as a thought or idea in your mind.

You will go through a design process to achieve your perfect ring, and even when it comes to choosing your diamond, it will not be from a long list but from diamonds presented to you to see. The characteristics of the diamonds will be explained to you rather than you trying to become an expert.
To learn more about the design process, click the button on how it works.

How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

Many blogs have been written on how much you should spend on an engagement ring. I have written about it myself in the past. In a nutshell, I believe you should spend what you are comfortable with and no more. And this is where I think creating a bespoke engagement ring has a real advantage over the alternative ways to buy your engagement rings because, unlike the myth, you do not pay a premium for a bespoke ring.

The myth about paying a premium for a bespoke ring

If you go into a jewellery store and tell them your budget, they will try to tempt you to spend more. By showing you rings greater than your budget, and if you buy online, they will attempt the same tactic by using cleverly written descriptions.
With the bespoke path, everything from the design to choosing your diamond or gemstones will be tailored around your budget. And, in many cases, under your budget.

What sets David Law apart from the rest

Should you choose to engage with my services, you will discover that I have taken designing a bespoke engagement ring to another level. Not only will I spend the time discussing your ideas with you, but I will also develop them into a series of stunning designs for you to see in 3D, allowing us to perfect your chosen design choices together.

Wear before you buy

You will even get the chance to wear the ring designs I created for you as I print them first from my 3D printer before handcrafting your ring in my Hatton Garden workshop.

Captured in a storybook

To ensure your engagement ring purchase is an inspiring experience, I capture all the special moments in a personalised storybook.

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