March Birthstone

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The March birthstone Aquamarine is a stunning stone that has long been the symbol of youth, health and hope. It is available in various colours, from the pale to the deep blues that some say are reminiscent of the colours of the Caribbean Sea.

As we say goodbye to the winter chills and start dreaming of the warmer climes of spring and summer, the aquamarine is the perfect stone to compliment the spring and summer wardrobe.

The history and myths of the aquamarine

Aquamarine comes from the Latin words for water (aqua) and the sea (marine) and is a blue-green mineral gemstone found predominantly in Brazil, Africa and India. As the aquamarine gemstone’s blue tones intensify, so does the price.

According to maritime folklore, aquamarine is the treasure of mermaids empowered to keep sailors safe at sea. While it’s known that ancient Greeks would wear the aquamarine

According to maritime folklore, aquamarine is the treasure of mermaids, charmed with the power to keep sailors safe while at sea.

The ancient Greeks used to wear amulets made from aquamarine and engraved with Poseidon (Lord of the Sea) on a chariot to keep them safe during voyages.

The water theme associated with the aquamarine continues as the stone is related to purification meditation, a method known to drive out negative emotions, leaving you both refreshed and relaxed.

The aquamarine’s healing qualities are thought to keep love and passion alive in a marriage or long-term relationship, with the stone’s healing powers capable of curing many ailments together with the promise to bring more restful sleep. The gift of aquamarine for mothers, adventurers and long-term lovers.

The ice blue aquamarine gemstone associated with loyalty and honesty is the perfect stone to compliment your bespoke jewellery and makes the ideal Mother’s Day gift.

The aquamarine stone is the perfect alternative to the diamond used in a bespoke engagement ring or friendship ring. Giving aquamarine earrings as a gift is believed to bring affection and love to the recipient for years to come.

The aquamarine, in its variants of colour, is a stunning stone with pictures doing it very little justice and its natural beauty needs to be seen in the flesh.

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