Personal Jewellery Made To Order 

David's jewellery design experience focuses solely on providing a 'Personal Jewellery' service for his clients looking for a unique, show-stopping, one-off luxury piece of Jewellery. For decades, David has been designing exquisite luxury jewellery of exceptional quality, including everything from dress rings, earrings, pendants, eternity rings, cufflinks and more. 
There's nothing quite like bespoke luxury jewellery for making its wearer feel special and look like royalty. David's luxury jewellery can't be found online or on the high street; all his designs are genuine one-offs, so you'll never have to worry about seeing someone else wear the same item.  
Custom-made Jewellery designed to your precise specifications also means he will make your chosen design without any compromises. 

The Design Experience 

"I offer my clients to be part of a fantastic design experience, as together, we create personally made Jewellery that only you can have. I will get to know you personally, discover your likes, and dislikes and uncover your story, style and personality. Throughout the design experience, I will provide you with expert help, advice, choices in both designs and materials with the freedom to make changes as your jewellery design unfolds". 

The Consultation Process 

On your initial discovery call, David aims to understand your requirements, advise you, answer any questions and suggest options. 
The following step will be to arrange a face-to-face Zoom call, meeting him at his Hatton Garden, Central London Studio, or in the comfort of your home to finalise the details. 
Our service is all about what works best for you. 


Custom Made Dress Rings 

Custom-made dress rings or cocktail rings are the perfect choices for a statement piece that sets off any outfit. They also make fantastic gifts for someone special in your life. 

Custom Made Earrings 

Earrings are superbly versatile pieces of Jewellery and allow you to let your personality and style shine through. With custom-made earrings, the design options are endless. 

Custom Made Pendants 

A custom-made pendant or necklace is a great way to mark a special event. Together, we can create a unique, exquisite design that projects your tastes and styles. 

Custom Made Eternity Rings 

Custom-made eternity rings give you the freedom to move away from the expected and create a genuinely unique ring for the wearer that matches their taste & style. 

Custom Made Cufflinks 

You can create a unique, individual design that will mean much more to the wearer than an off-the-shelf cufflink with custom-made cufflinks. Adding stones, engraving, or perhaps a family crest can make it a personal & meaningful piece. 

Jewellery Remodelled 

Keep those special memories alive by remodelling a treasured family heirloom into a modern piece of Jewellery that reflects your taste and style more. Alternatively, rework an old piece that you no longer wear. 
selection of loose diamonds and gemstones

Diamonds And Gemstones 

Choosing the finest diamonds and gemstones is the essence of every bespoke jewellery piece David makes. He goes beyond the 4C's for his diamond selections, and for his coloured gems, they have to reach a specific hue for him to propose them. 
David handpicks every stone that he proposes and will offer a range that will be to your budget and below so that he can help you choose your stones with complete confidence. 

Ethical Sourcing 

All of our diamonds adhere to the Kimberley Process, and we go further by offering Candian Diamonds traceable from the exact mine to your jewellery piece. 
Lab-Grown Diamonds are also growing in popularity and come with GIA or IGI certificates. Additionally, we work with the Fairtrade standard, the world's first independent ethical system for gold, protecting miners working conditions and protecting the environment. 

The Bespoke Experience 

If you'd like a personal jewellery piece that's unique to you, then David's bespoke design service is the perfect way to bring your vision to life. 
Work one-to-one with jewellery designer David Law to create your truly unique masterpiece. Designed and made to an agreed budget, the design to delivery process usually is 3-4 weeks. You can choose from six unique jewellery designs. See and wear your designs created from our 3D printer. And choose from a selection of beautiful diamonds and gemstones. 

Book A Design Consultation 

David is on-hand to answer your questions or discuss commissioning a bespoke piece. 
Arrange a Zoom virtual consultation or home visit or come and see him in person at his Studio close to Bond Street Station, London. You will receive a one-to-one personal service as we explore creating your very own bespoke jewellery piece. 
Call Today: 0800 024 8940 
Email David: 
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