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Personal Jewellery Made To Order

Welcome to David Law: Your Personal Jeweller with a Modern Touch

I am David Law, a personal jeweller with over forty years of experience in bespoke jewellery design. My journey began with an intensive five-year apprenticeship, evolving over the years to include expertise in 3D CAD designing and printing. This unique skill set allows me to blend traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology, turning your jewellery dreams into exquisite, timeless creations.

My Passion for Selecting the Finest Gemstones

At my studio, David Law Jewellery, choosing the perfect diamonds and gemstones is an art form. I look beyond the standard 4Cs to find stones with unique brilliance and character. Balancing quality with your budget, I ensure the selection meets and often surpasses your expectations, making your jewellery as unique as your story.

Ethical Sourcing: A Commitment to Conscious Luxury

I adhere to the highest ethical sourcing standards in my quest to create beautiful jewellery. Every diamond I propose is conflict-free and adheres to the rigorous Kimberley Process. I offer Canadian diamonds, traceable from the mine, for added transparency and assurance. If you’re interested in lab-grown diamonds, rest assured: each comes with comprehensive GIA or IGI certification, highlighting their sustainable appeal.

Moreover, my commitment to ethical practices extends to gold sourcing. I work with gold that meets the Fairtrade standard, ensuring miner safety and environmental protection. This approach allows me to offer you jewellery that is not only stunning but also a symbol of responsible luxury.

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Start your personalised design journey with master jeweller David Law through a one-on-one virtual design consultation via Zoom.

For follow-up sessions, choose from a Zoom meeting, an in-person encounter at his London studios in Marylebone or Hatton Garden, or a convenient Hertfordshire location. Your bespoke design experience is just a click away.

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David Law: Crafting Unique Jewellery, Tailored Just for You

marquise peridot 18ct white gold dress ring

Custom Made Dress Rings

Custom-made dress rings or cocktail rings are the perfect choices for a statement piece that sets off any outfit. They also make fantastic gifts for someone special in your life. 

fancy diamond hoop earrings

Custom Made Earrings

Earrings are superbly versatile pieces of Jewellery and allow you to let your personality and style shine through. With custom-made earrings, the design options are endless. 

modern drop diamond pendants

Custom Made Pendants

A custom-made pendant or necklace is a great way to mark a special event. Together, we can create a unique, exquisite design that projects your tastes and styles. 

diamond eternity ring

Custom Made Eternity Rings

Custom-made eternity rings give you the freedom to move away from the expected and create a genuinely unique ring for the wearer that matches their taste & style. 

fancy gold cufflinks

Custom Made Cufflinks

You can create a unique, individual design that will mean much more to the wearer than an off-the-shelf cufflink with custom-made cufflinks. Adding stones, engraving, or perhaps a family crest can make it a personal & meaningful piece. 

18ct rose gold remodelled dress ring

Jewellery Remodelled

Keep those special memories alive by remodelling a treasured family heirloom into a modern piece of Jewellery that reflects your taste and style more. Alternatively, rework an old piece that you no longer wear. 

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