Unusual wedding rings are for those who wish to design them together and have them made by a master craftsman just for them.

Wedding bands online and on the high street

The typical wedding ring sold online or on the high street comes in standard widths, profiles and thicknesses that are cut off a tube and polished in batches by machine.

Your wedding day

One of the most romantic days of your life will be your wedding day, and there is something extraordinary about designing your wedding rings and having them made for you.

When thinking about your wedding bands,

  • There are many elements that you need to take into consideration;
  • What will be the most suitable profile for your lifestyle?
  • What width looks best on my finger?
  • Which precious metal compliments my complexion?
  • Can we design my wedding ring to match and fit perfectly against my engagement ring?
  • Can they be designed to match one another?

Unusual wedding rings

Designing unusual wedding rings allows you to add design elements outside the ‘normal’ to your unique wedding rings.
The most popular choices outside of diamonds and small gemstones are the Celtic Knots and associated symbols, mixing precious metals, different texture finishes and adding engravings and personalised messages.

Designing your wedding rings

Unlike the typical mass-produced wedding bands that you can buy on the high street or online bespoke wedding rings will be handcrafted to meticulous fine detail and made to last as long as the marriage they symbolise.

Even if you are considering just a plain band, a bespoke ring allows you to create a unique profile and width together with a comfortable fit that you will not find in an off-the-shelf ring.

And if your engagement ring does not lend itself to a plain band, it can be designed to match and fit perfectly whatever the shape, and for your complete peace of mind with modern 3D printing, you can try on a prototype of your ring.

Your Personal Jeweller

Over the past 35 years, I have been lucky enough to design thousands of unusual wedding rings – some set with diamonds and coloured gemstones, some with different textures, combining precious metals and engraving and some inspired by my client’s personal stories.

Cost of your wedding rings

I appreciate that the run-up to your wedding day is not only an expensive but somewhat stressful time.
Or customise wedding rings from an exclusive collection. Working with a personal jeweller will remove the stress of at least creating your wedding rings. We can design your wedding rings together, and you can wear prototypes before they are handcrafted in my Hatton Garden workshop; finally, they can be made to fit your budget.

To learn more about creating unusual wedding rings and the design process, call today at 0800 024 8940 or email me at david@davidlawjeweller.com to book your complimentary consultation without obligation.




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