Combine exquisite british craftsmanship and a perfectly unique design to create your perfect wedding ring that beautifully reflects your style 

What makes a bespoke eternity ring so special?

The magic of a bespoke eternity ring is that it will be created especially for you and, therefore, be unique. 

It is about adding intimate touches that transform your ring from the standard to the extraordinary.You may have fixed ideas for your eternity ring, or perhaps you’re looking for some inspiration. Master Jeweller Designer and Maker David Law can guide & assist you with your requirements in either situation. 

When do you give an Eternity Ring?

An eternity ring, also known as an Infinity ring, is considered the ultimate symbol of love, a powerful expression of the commitment between two people

Traditionally, a spouse would give an eternity ring for a special anniversary, birthday, or a baby’s arrival. 

Diamond Eternity Rings

David will not tie you to a traditional eternity band set with diamonds in a straight row; today, his clients are looking for something different. Instead, you will explore the many options available.
No longer must the ring match the engagement and wedding ring; so many clients choose to wear the ring on the opposite hand. Some forgo diamonds altogether and go for coloured gemstones, and some combine the two.

Examples Of Eternity Rings

Family Heirloom Eternity Rings

Transform your family heirloom or inherited loose gemstones and diamonds into an exceptional eternity ring while keeping the old memories alive and making the new creation even more special. 

Gemstone Eternity Rings

Stand out from the crowd with a stunning pink sapphire gemstone set eternity ring. What stone will you choose? 

Unusual Eternity Rings

Dare to be different with an eternity ring set with a gemstone and diamonds. With bespoke, everything is possible; what’s your style? 

Diamond Eternity Rings

Not all diamond eternity rings have to be the same; in these examples, David has made them set with a mixture of fancy cut and brilliant-cut diamonds. 

Let's Chat

David Law’s bespoke creations start with a virtual design consultation. He will sit with you and take the time to listen, explore your ideas and aspirations for your piece, inspire you with his ideas and explain in detail how his design process works.

By taking the time to understand your preferences and requirements for this new commission, David can guarantee that he will make the Jewellery of your dreams.

Calls are available seven days a week at a time that works for you

The call is free and without any obligations

David offers a four-point design approach


No one knows your partner better than you do. That’s why David will work with you to design a unique eternity ring that perfectly reflects their style, personality and your personal love story.
Whether you have a clear vision of the ring you want to bring to life, have pictures, sketches, and mood boards to get things started, or need a little inspiration from David, you will develop ideas to begin the exciting design process.


With the design brief in hand, David will create a choice of six ring designs for you to see and perfect together with 3D CAD (computer-aided design).


3D prints of your designs to wear will follow together with a choice of hand-picked ethically sourced diamonds and coloured gemstones to complement your design. Your final selections will then be handcrafted in David’s Hatton Garden workshop by his team of talented Goldsmiths.


Once your bespoke eternity ring has passed David’s stringent quality control checks and is thrilled with the results, he will present it to you with an illustrated storybook that maps out your incredible journey.

Eternity Ring Design Experience

If you’d like an eternity ring entirely personal to you, David’s ring design service is the perfect way to bring your vision to life. David will help you create a beautiful bespoke eternity ring that is right in every way. 

Designed and made to the agreed budget, design to delivery takes typically between 3-4 weeks 

Book A Design Consultation

Arrange a Zoom virtual consultation or home visit; alternatively, come and see David in person at his Studio close to Bond Street Station, London.
You’ll receive a one-to-one personal service as we explore creating your very own bespoke piece of Jewellery.

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